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Saint Valentine

We're moving swiftly into February..... which is just my favourite time of year, for many reasons. It's my birthday and some of my best friends' birthdays, Valentines Day, plus the weather seems to turn perfectly cold and crisp. Some years we have even had a sprinkling of snow around my birthday! I admit I do look forward to Valentines - not just because I have a lovely hubby to spend it with, and have for the last ten years!

I remember in teen hood, Valentines was all about who would get the most cards out of your girl group, or who would be delivered a rose from a mystery admirer during fourth lesson! Our school had a rose delivery service - I like to think of it as pretty similar to the candy cane grams in Mean Girls - "Four for you Glen Coco, you go Glen Coco!" I was lucky enough to receive one or two of those roses from Matt - we were childhood sweethearts! V'day wasn't just superficial though; as a shy young girl, it was a chance to see if the guy …

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