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The Fourth Trimester

It has been a while since writing this blog - as always, life is busy and just seems to get in the way - but fast forward a year and eight months since our wedding, and I’m here writing in the middle of the night, post feed. In fact, I’m typing on the Notes section of my phone in kind of a sleepy trance as I listen to the husband snoring and the occasional stir from the SnuzPod. Because I am Mama to a baby now! His name is Teddy (Theodore is his fancy, grown-up name) and he came into the world on the eighth of August 2019 after an excruciatingly long labour that I won’t go into just yet (or ever - not sure!).

Becoming a Mum and becoming parents is everything I thought it would be and more. Matt and I make the best duo, as I knew we would: we’re both super chilled (unless danger’s involved, obviously!) and I think that has definitely rubbed off on Ted. Since the beginning he has been such a  contented little baby - rarely going for it on the crying front really, and sleeping in good c…

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