Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Beauty Product Review: Elemis Gentle Rose Exfoliator

This is new to me- my very first beauty product review, although I have wanted to do it for ages! I recently chatted to Laura from blogger engagement and digital PR agency, Talented Talkers, who kindly sent me a sample size tube of this Elemis exfoliator to test out. I'm pretty disorganised when it comes to a skin regime- indulging in a white chocolate or berry facemask once or twice a month is as far as I really go!- so using this product was a real treat.

    Upon first impression, I noted the sleek simplicity of the tube itself and when I removed the lid, I could smell the beautiful rose scent despite being slightly bunged up! I took off my make-up and then squirted a good amount of product onto my finger ready to rub in. The liquid glistened on my finger and looked like it contained lots of teeny tiny crystals- a nice surprise as I'm a sucker for anything sparkly! In fact, these crystal-like beads, which you can just see in my photo below (!), are micro-spherical Jojoba droplets, which exfoliate the skin without any scratching or irritating whatsoever. The liquid lightly massaged my face when rubbed in in circular motions which felt utterly relaxing! You could barely see the exfoliator once it had dried onto my skin, but for a gorgeous sheen and it felt weightless and refreshing, unlike other skin-based products I have tried.

 I'm a great believer in leaving beauty products to do their magic and this trial was no exception. I decided to apply my Boots Essentials Cucumber Eye Gel (this complimented the cucumber extract in the Elemis exfoliator!) and my special edition pink bubbly Vaseline along with the product. I then left the natural anti-oxidant, vitamin C in the exfoliator to soak in and relaxed with a magazine for around ten minutes! I have to emphasise that the scent of the exfoliator is truly delicious and sweet-smelling and if you're a fan of rose-based smells then I'm sure you will agree!
Left to Right: Boots Essentials Cucumber Eye Gel, £1.50, Elemis Gentle Rose Exfoliator, £27 at Time To Spa, Vaseline Limited Edition Pink Bubbly, £3.49 at Superdrug.
    After I'd sat back with my feet up for a bit, I rinsed off the exfoliator liquid quickly and effortlessly, and found my face to have a lovely new glow. My skin can occasionally be sensitive, but I was left with no redness. Having just spent a weekend in the sun, my skin really needed the rejuvenation and now it feels silky-smooth and free of oil or build-up. A plus of this exfoliator is that it states it is anti-aging- what more could you want?!
     Priced at between £20-30 for 50ml, the Gentle Rose Exfoliator is fairly costly, but I can't fault its result. I may invest in the near future but for now, my trial size 15ml is the perfect addition to my travelling cosmetics bag. I'd like to thank Elemis at QVC and Talented Talkers for giving me the opportunity to use and review this fab product! You can follow Talented Talkers for blogging opportunities and discussions at https://twitter.com/TalentedTalkers.

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