Sunday, 30 November 2014

Bomb Cosmetics: Deck the Halls Blaster Bath Bomb Review

'Deck the halls with holly, and fill your soul with Christmas cheer', says Bomb Cosmetics about this particular bath fizzer. I decided to pick this up while in Fenwicks a few weeks ago. I've been waiting til December is firmly on the horizon to use this in a bath and feel really Christmassy. On my shopping day I intended to go to Lush, for obvious reasons, until I came across a super cute and temping Bomb Cosmetics stand. Plus their bath bits were priced amazingly- this one being just £2.29. 
Bomb Cosmetics as a brand promise to be utterly against animal testing, to use entirely natural ingredients and to recycle wherever possible with their packaging. They believe in the power of natural oils, and everything is lovingly handmade, which gives you the reassurance that you're using something good for your body.  

The snowman-topped blaster bomb I couldn't resist has a slightly spicy scent of holly berry, black pepper and marjoram oil. As soon as I bought it, a tantalising smell of Christmas just wafted from my shopping bag and all the way home, where it filled my bedroom with the sweet scents of cinnamon, nutmeg, berries and a teeny bit of orange. 
Before I got into my bath, I had some setting up to do to make my soak ultra stress-relieving. I put my festive pyjamas on the radiator to make them warm for when I got out, I lit my Yankee 'Snow in Love' candle, put my Disney mug of liquorice tea on the table by the bath and got my festive read ready- a feel-good chicklit called "Kiss Me Under the Mistletoe" by Fiona Harper. 

I then added my blaster to my bath; it broke off easily underneath the running water, making that addictive fizzing sound. Although the smell really permeated the bath, there were no chunks or colours in the water, which I prefer as I like to wash my hair in as clean a water as possible. The subtle, lovely fizzing noise remained throughout my whole bath, which was about twenty five minutes and overall I just felt so relaxed with this bath bomb in there. My skin definitely felt smoother and nourished in the water and when I got out the bath too.
The only negative I would say about this bath product is that when I tried to save a chunk for my next bath, it visibly began to evaporate, even if slowly. I tried to wrap it in a plastic bag and keep in a cooler place, but it got sticky and messy, so I dried it off and put it in the rack that sits in the bath after my water had drained. Bad mistake! I went looking for my bath bomb the next day, only to find it had disappeared- clearly melted. So yes, that was very silly of me. Does anyone have any tips for storing half-used bath bombs or melts?

The Chilly Millie, £2.29

Bomb Cosmetics have some adorable products, from bath creamers to bath brulees and soaps, and all have such pretty names. Their floral bud products look so sweet and more expensive than they are. If you're looking for more festive bath treats, I've personally got my eye on the 'Chilly Millie' and 'Cool Tide' blasters. There was also an incredible gingerbread man, bath mallow in Fenwicks when I went in, but it doesn't come in a wrapper so I went for this cellophane-wrapped bath blaster at the time. I think I am going to have to go back and get this one though, as I have a slight obsession with gingerbread men!

Let me know your fail-safe ingredients for the perfect winter soak! 

The Cool Tide, £2.29

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