Sunday, 30 November 2014

Current Beauty Favourites: Rouging Up & Winter Nuttiness

This is actually my first 'favourites' post- I just felt quite excited about the few beauty bits I've picked up recently- all in the last week or so in fact! First up is Herbal Essences' Clearly Naked Shine Shampoo, this is on offer at the moment in Boots for half the normal price, so I obviously had to give it a try. Because I have really thick hair, every now and then I have to use a clarifying shampoo to reduce build-up. I was drawn to this as it is paraben free, plus I have used Herbal Essences in the past and find their shampoos really lightweight. Just as I'd imagined, my hair dried really soft, shiny and oil-free. The white tea and mint smell is subtle but gorgeous too. I find Herbal Essences scents always stay on your hair up until you have to wash again.

Just as I like to regularly remove residue from my hair, I love to put on a face mask, every two weeks to a month, to rejuvenate my skin. These ones by Montagne Jeunesse remain my firm favourites as I find them really luxurious for their price. I've tried a lot of them, but I spotted these two which I've never seen before: the Go Nuts Mud Mask, and the Candyfloss Scrub. I have so far put on a bit of the nutty one- that's another amazing thing about these products; they're so thick and such good quality that I only use a quarter to half a mask at a time. This one was one of their thickest and when I took it off after fifteen minutes, my face felt brilliantly smooth. All blemishes had been sort of neutralised, any dry skin moisturised and my face had this lovely glow to it. I would definitely recommend these masks; especially for girly pamper nights!

Another moisturising product next- Rimmel's Wonderfull Mascara with argan oil. I've had my eye on this since it came out fairly recently- and now I've got it, it doesn't disappoint. The flexi brush is really wide but with spread bristles so you can get all your lashes clump-free. The result is a pretty, fanned effect. I also love that there is argan oil in this, as I'm quite precious over my eyelashes (I worry whenever they fall out, usually due to stress). I often gently rub Vaseline onto them before bed, but now I feel I don't have to worry as much. Having just taken my make-up off, my lashes do feel silky soft.

Another eye product that I'm enjoying using is Benefit's They're Real ! Push-Up Liner. I actually got this mini version free with December's Elle. I'm not big on eyeliner; I usually buy cheapies to tide me over as I only put a tiny bit on for everyday, if any. And I am awful at liquid eyeliner, although I love the cat eye look. So this Benefit one is a nice compromise, as it's supposed to be a lot easier to apply than standard liquid liner. Once I'd worked out I had to remove the little cap that comes on top of the applicator, it was fairly simple to apply. You twist the bottom of the liner until the matte gel comes to the top. The shapely but small brush makes drawing a line across your eyelid much steadier. I liked the overall look, though obviously the miniature version won't last too long!

Now onto lips! I finally bought Kate Moss by Rimmel's Matte Lippy in 107, after looking for it for about a month. YouTubers especially are going crazy for this shade! I think it does look different on different people's lips- on Faye of Faye's Fix for example, it looks slightly purple tinted, yet on me it comes out as a vampy dark red. I lost my old red shade by Kate though so I'm more than happy to have this as a replacement. It comes out pretty thick on your lips and I had to blot a couple of times- another tip is to use a cotton bud to accentuate your cupid's bow- but overall I love it. It's a classic, glamorous hue but one that can be worn for something as dressed down as shopping. That's where I wore it today (above)!

The second lip product I snapped up today was this amazing Reese's Peanut Butter Chocolate Lip Balm, which I found in Primark for £1.50! I hoped and prayed on the way home that it would taste like the real deal, and it so does. This is peanut buttery, chocolatey goodness in a lip salve; how could anyone not want that? The quality too is fab; my lips feel rid of their dry patches and cracks and I can still taste the flavour, two hours since I put it on and I had a bath in between. My favourite product of all of these. It would also make a cool stocking filler!

What products are you adoring at the moment?

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