Monday, 29 December 2014

Feeling Very Spoilt (Understatement)

I can't even describe how overwhelmed I felt when I unwrapped my Christmas gifts! Most people who know me always say: "You're so easy to buy for". I don't know why that is but I have to agree that everything I received is just me in an object!! My main and surprise present from my parents was a gorgeous vintage dressing table with an attached mirror, which they had painted and tidied up. Mum has also lined the drawers with pretty floral fabric, making it unique to me! It was so lovely to receive this as my old chest of drawers was knackered and I could lay all my beautiful new things on my new, wide-topped one. I love collecting housey bits for me and Matt's future house. My parents also chose me an amazing oil painting of a glass of flowers, by the artist Ena Cox. Something really special that I received was a blue china teapot with a cute knitted tea-cosy on it. I got quite teary opening this as my lovely nanny had chosen it with my Mum and asked her to put it away for me just before she passed away in the summer. It will take pride of place in my kitchen when we get our own cottage!

Book wise, I received several chicklit novels from Mum (a tradition!), Us by David Nicholls- which is actually really chunky and a lovely edition, How To Be Parisian (yay! I'm finally jumping on the bandwagon with that one!) and a super sweet recipe book called Grandma's Kitchen Journal. I also opened a lot of notebooks and gorgeous stationary, which is great as I get through jotters like there's no tomorrow. I can't wait to take my adorable The Tiger Who Came To Tea diary to school- which was from my auntie.
Beauty wise, I was again really spoilt- I now have numerous hand creams which I am definitely going to do a blog post on, a huge Benefit gift set including miniatures of all their classics from Matt's family, a Zara Rose perfume from Mum (a regular for me now!), Marc Jacobs' Dot and a Jack Wills bath set from my auntie, uncle and cousin which came with the cute striped eye mask.
Matt's family bought me two gorgeous Pandora charms- a gingerbread man and a candy cane! Matt got me numerous lovely bit and pieces, including the khaki roll-neck ASOS jumper I cheekily asked for, a pair of lo-top, oxblood coloured converse which go with just about everything, and another big, fat Yankee candle, this time in the scent 'Fireside Treats'. It smells good enough to eat! For the first time, he chose me a dress which is gorgeous and very Parisian; the look he said he was going for! It's a classic, navy, cap sleeved shift with a daisy trim on the neckline. Matt was also thoughtful as always and had me a mug personalised with pictures of all my closest ones and my late nanny, which made me cry again! He also put together a jar in which he'd put little slips of paper with things he wants us to do together in 2015. He hand-typed them all on the typewriter I bought him for his 21st which was really touching. I feel like I am listing so much here (this is what I mean by spoilt!!) but Matt also got me the One Line A Day Five Year Diary I'd picked out in my diary blog post a few weeks ago. The funny thing was he didn't even read that post!

The two adorable fluffy owls above were from Matt's Mum- Matt and I have a thing about owls and so she said that they are me and him and they are to go in our future house! For now, they're both on my bed as we didn't want to separate them! I'm the blonde one! Two more of my favourite gifts were an ultra-chic pair of burgundy-brown heeled boots from H&M and two iPhone cases Mum found me online. She thought the Shakespeare quote one was funny as I'm a teacher but I have been mistaken for a pupil- she thought I should show the kids this to scare them off!

My favourite sister in the world
Truly and honestly, I received so many generous and precious gifts. There's too many to list here and I feel bad to leave bits out but I'm so unbelievably grateful for how hard my parents and close ones work to give us a memorable Christmas time. Though this Christmas was strange without my nan, I still have memories made from it. My Grandad stayed over on Christmas Eve for the first time ever. Mum cooked us a steak and homemade chips dinner and a yummy, wreath-shaped pavlova (deliciousness pictured!) The next morning we all opened our stockings together on Mum and Dad's bed, then went to my auntie and uncle's for the afternoon/evening and ended up playing silly games as per. My Grandad organised a round of Bingo in honour of my nanny, who was the bingo money 'hander-outer' at their local Bowling Club. I love the family all being together at this time of year and just chilling and eating ridiculous amounts! I'll leave you with a picture of Genevieve (who loved every minute of Christmas, especially all the cheese, beer and wrapping paper) with a mini, chocolate version of her that is now in my belly. The diet starts next week!

  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! xox


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! The dresser is so thoughtful and looks lovely :) x

  2. Sounds like you had an amazing Christmas! You got some really love personalised gifts, too. That gingerbread pandora charm is beyond adorable! xx

    Hannah x | hannatalks