Monday, 1 December 2014

Home Comforts

Last Saturday was my late nanny's birthday, and I really wanted to have a good day in memory of her. 

My Mum, Dad, Matt, Genny-pup and I drove to our local beach, which is only ten minutes away, with our neighbour and her dog. This bay is in Sandwich; a very picture-esque market town that is quite popular with tourists, especially the French it seems, as it's twinned with Honfleur in Northwestern France. I've actually been there and it's another beautiful spot. However I do love home. Sometimes I think we absolutely take where we live for granted. I know when I went to university in London I missed the green countryside so much. But now, living down the road from and working in Sandwich, I feel I've been overlooking its quaintness and quirkiness. The other day, I took a walk through the town to pick up some cards and post an Etsy parcel for Patricia Mary Vintage, and I found myself really in awe of all the historical houses that line the tiny streets. This is when I took the picture below. Sandwich also has the most adorable, original, art deco cinema that's still standing and showing movies after its grand opening in 1937. I love it and think I might do a small post on its charm soon.

Back to the beach! Although I've been to Sandwich Bay numerous times (me and Matt actually met there so it holds special memories!), I don't think I've ever seen it looking as naturally beautiful as it did on Saturday. The tide was out the furthest it can be, making the sand stretch endlessly in the strong winter sunshine. I found it intriguing that when walking along the beach in one direction, the bay basked in bright light and there was brilliant blue sky, but that when we turned around, the photos came out like it was evening time! The dogs had amazing fun running into the waves and then rolling in the sand! It was a lovely trip enjoyed by all.

Where's your favourite local spot to visit?

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