Wednesday, 31 December 2014

New Year Promises To Myself

1. WRITE. My Auntie and Uncle bought me this beautiful keepsake journal called My Life Story for my 18th birthday. I filled some in the year I got it but then with going to uni and other commitments I got out of sync. I really want to start jotting bits and pieces in it again this year as it would be the most wonderful thing to look back on when I'm old! It's got an amazing set of features to document, such as a world map to mark where you've been, a sketch of the human body to mark any piercings, tattoos, birth marks and scars, and numerous 'favourite' categories like recipes, festivals, exams, adventures and photographs. I've obviously also got the One Line A Day journal from Matt which I should be able to incorporate into my daily routine!

Butternut Squash, Sage & Pine Nut Pasta, Pinterest
2. COOK..My Mum bought me this adorable polka dot, fabric cool box as a little Christmas extra. She thought it would be perfect for taking my lunch to work in and she's right! I usually just grab a selection of snacks from the cupboard- things I can eat quick as I don't always get a long break at school- but I rarely make a proper sandwich or something substantial. 2015 is to be the year of yummy, nutritious packed lunches for me. I've made pasta the night before school once or twice which was nice, so I'm determined to do that again but be a bit more experimental with ingredients (no more butter, pepper and cheddar cheese). I'd also love to try my hand at some delicious fresh salads. This lunch bag is great as it has the actual cooling foil lining and it's really spacious inside.

Liberty Nike Trainers, Pinterest 
3. EXERCISE. I know 'work off the Christmas treats' is on most people's resolution lists, but I genuinely have wanted to take up some kind of exercise for months. I am going to make the time for it this year- I either want to find a local Yoga or Pilates group that I'd feel comfortable going to, commit to some extra curricular activities at school (there's a range of sports for staff including Badminton or Football!) or start running again. I know I can run; it's just all about willpower for me! The thought of it makes me happy, as I love to breathe in the fresh air around my house in all the lovely fields. But getting out and doing it is a different story. I think I'm going to make a running playlist, something I haven't tried before. I'm also convinced that if I buy some cool Nikes, I'll want to use them! I'm looking around to get a good price at the moment. I'd love to incorporate some fitness posts into my blog if the working out goes well; I'll keep you posted! 

4. READ. My reading list grows as the year goes on. I have alway been an avid reader and that's predominantly why I loved my university course- I got to test trial so many innovative books that were out of my comfort zone. I'm planning to stock up, read or re-read and make notes on every secondary English text this year in preparation for my teacher training! I do also just read for fun and relaxation though- there are some books I read only in the bath, and some I read when I want to look intellectual in public! My Nan lent me this Morpurgo book before she passed away, and she loved it, so I'm looking forward to picking up this one.

An idyllic vintage shop, Pinterest
5. HUNT VINTAGE. I'm currently obsessed with scouring for vintage bargains online (I got no sleep last night looking!) and my final resolution is to put as much of my passion and time into Patricia Mary Vintage as I can this year. I want it to be successful as it's in my nan's name and memory. I'm pleased to have sold 4 items since opening in late October, especially as research shows that some Etsy owners don't take a sale for six months or more. I already have a handful of one-off, covetable items lined up, to be listed from January to the start of spring (thinking weather appropriate). One of my dreams would be to open a real world (non cyber) vintage treasure trove one day.

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