Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Our Traditonal Christmas Cottage

Our country cottage
Traditional bauble

The sweetest Christmas card from Matt's family! 
Our Eeyore from a visit to Disneyland Paris one Christmas
The very special Nanny Pat decoration
We finally got our tree on the 13th!
Our winter essential
A Christmas pud I made at primary school :')
Toy soldier
Adorable Cath Kidston birdie bauble
Mum's handmade Liberty London bauble 
Gen getting into the Christmas spirit!

With one week tomorrow to go until Christmas - my favourite day of the year - here's a peek into our house and all its festive decorations! It's all about being cosy for us at Chrimbo- our gorgeous open fire is an absolute necessity. We open our presents and eat a special breakfast in the lounge on Christmas morning, by the warm fire. We don't hang stockings on the fireplace as we tend to have big red Santa sacks that wouldn't fit! We so sadly lost our traditional little stockings that we had when we were growing up, though I'm just hoping they've been tucked away in the attic somewhere and we will find them one day! Mine had the print of the inside of a doll's house on it- it was adorable. 
I love our tree- we always have a real one. This year I think we managed to accidentally choose the fattest one we have possibly ever had! It's definitely poking over the sofa arm a bit more than usual. Some may say it's weird but I think the best place to sit at Christmas is up at that end of the sofa as I love feeling the branches on my shoulder and I love to look at the pretty baubles. These are a handful of our Christmas tree decorations; it's so lovely to get out the same baubles as we've had since I was born and hang them up year by year. This will be our first Christmas without my Nanny, and we always said that this brown-haired, smiley angel decoration looked like her, so naturally this one's become everyone's favourite.
What are your Christmas traditions? xox


  1. The front of your cottage is gorgeous! Love your xmas decorations as well! :)

    I have a MAC eyeliner giveaway on my blog if you wanted to take a look :)

  2. Your front door is literally like something from a novel, it's so gorgeous! Looks so cosy and wonderful!

    Lucy Amelia | flawedfairytale

  3. Thanks girls that's so sweet! My mum will be pleased to hear too!