Thursday, 18 December 2014

'The Little Bag of Happiness'

My 21st birthday vintage cake stand, dried flowers from my garden & The Little Bag of Happiness!
As a Christmas gift from my wonderful boss, I received the loveliest little thing today- as well as some wine, which I can't wait to chill with, naturally, having just broken up from work! This 'Little Bag of Happiness' is literally what it says- it is the cutest, simplest idea and really encapsulates what this time of year should be about. I'd actually spotted these already at Not On The High Street and wanted to buy one for someone, though I didn't know who for at the time! It comes in this beautiful, hessian, drawstring bag printed with a "To" and "From:". Inside is a bundle of well-thought-out bits and bobs, as listed on the accompanying card. It's just a really unique idea for an inexpensive but quite personal present and is perfect for that someone special. I think my favourite thing in here is the marble, as we all joke at work that we're a bit mad, but I love the idea of each piece. I will treasure my little bag and take a peek at it when I'm having a down day!