Monday, 8 December 2014

The Under £10 Christmas Gift Guide for Spoilt Dogs: Pets at Home

Another week down, just two to go 'til Christmas! This is Gen last Xmas in 
her super adorable, holly printed neckerchief! 
I can't wait to have a really lovely family and food filled Christmas. In my house, the day starts with our little tradition- my sister and I get into (or onto depending on room!) Mum and Dad's bed to open our amazing stockings. And of course, being the animal mad family that we are, both our cats, Toby and Georgie, and Genevieve the scruffy labradoodle hop on too. For the first time, my Grandad is even joining us this year, staying over so he can be in on the stocking fun on Christmas morning.
We always buy the kitties basic little treat stockings from Whiskas or a similar brand (but they actually sell them in the pound shops!) But Genny, although she's naughty 99% of the year, is spoilt - she's like Mum and Dad's third daughter to be honest, a baby sister for me! Last year she had twelve presents I think it was- naturally we're cutting down this year as she's no longer a weeny puppy! But I've managed to pick her out some adorable bits from Pets at Home....I'll keep these a secret as she's reading over my shoulder right now, but I may or may not have bought her a few of these pup pressies below! Gen's only been in Pets at Home once, recently, but I think it's fair to say it was a magical experience for her- kind of the equivalent of visiting Santa's Grotto when you're a kid! She went seriously hyper looking at all the doggy toys and edible treats, not to mention the rabbits, guineas and other cute, miniature live things! Now onto the gifts!

From top left across: Vinyl Reindeer £1, 4 Mini Christmas Puddings £3, Blue Button Puppy Collar and Lead £6, Rawhide Stocking £2

These squidgy, vinyl character balls are simple but great for your dog to play with. Gen's really cute with the squeaks in the middle of these too- if you squeak something she thinks it's hurt and will lick it all over! It's sooo cute. These are good as they're hard-wearing too. These doggy-friendly Xmas puds are adorable, though Pets at Home also have a whole load of delicious looking tasters for dogs, including rocky road and flapjack?! If you're lucky enough to have a little teeny bundle of fluff, then I think this button print collar and lead have such a vintage vibe, plus they're an icy blue colour, perfect for winter! This rawhide mitten I have bought for Gen and I know she'll love chewing on this during all the festivities!

I've actually bought Gen a gorgeous brown, turquoise and burgundy floral collar for Chrimbo, but I couldn't find it on the Pets at Home site! So instead I've chosen this herringbone one; classic, cosy looking and ideal for those country walks. I love it! 

Finally, this I Heart Pet Head Yummy Orange Tearless Shampoo below would make a great gift for your doggy as it's sensitive dog friendly, being free from harsh chemicals, and it has excellent reviews. The formula includes shea butter and safflower oil, with the butter helping to restore suppleness and elasticity in coats and the oil soothing the skin.We love to give Gen a bath every now and then (trust me, we have to! If you haven't already then check out my post: "Bath-time for Genevieve" ) and I've been meaning to get her a decent shampoo! It's important to use a quality one if you're going to bath them often, so you don't damage or irritate their skin. I love the packaging on this too.

Herringbone Collar £7
Pet Head Puppy Fun Shampoo £9

Do your doggies get pressies too on Christmas Day?

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