Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Herbal Essences Let Me Down!

I genuinely don't like reading criticism, even when it comes to beauty products, but I can see how it's useful to readers. This is a product that if I could reverse time and not buy, I would do just that. I'm talking about the Herbal Essences Ignite My Colour Dry Shampoo. It's so disappointing because Herbal Essences shampoos and conditioners are my go-tos. When I saw this product had come out I made a mental note to purchase it as soon as possible. I have always used Batiste dry shampoo and find it amazing; a real life-saver for those bad hair days in between washes- but I just thought Herbal Essences could have brought out a product to rival it.
Sadly, although the packaging is nice and promising, the product goes completely flat (and the whole point of dry shampoo is to relieve flat, lifeless hair!) It comes out so wet, and even when left for a minute or two and brushed out, your hair is left looking even greasier than before. I've refused to believe that this product is so bad, and I've tried and tried on different occasions to make it work for me. But the truth is, it doesn't deliver like its siblings do, and it's definitely not worth the price tag of £2.99. I managed to pick this up when it was half price, and I still wouldn't pay that. I can't speak highly enough of Herbal Essences as a whole; their intense hair treatments in particular are incredible value for money and leave your hair feeling so revitalised and Rapunzel soft. But dry shampoo wise, until I'm proved otherwise, I still think Batiste is unbeatable.

What's your fail safe dry shampoo? xox


  1. Uh! I tried this too! It didn't even come out, just sputtered a bit then died. Such a waste of money.. :(


  2. such a shame - I have heard numerous reviews that arent that good about this product. I was advised to avoid and stick with batiste. I have however tried fudge dry shampoo which i am impressed with - going to use it again this week before writing a review x