Sunday, 11 January 2015

My Fitness Routine

I'm writing this having just got out of an incredible bath using this La Maison De Senteurs, Fleur L'oranges bath cream from Marks and Spencers. A bubble bath was needed because... I've just been for my first run in about three months. I tend to try and do fitness splurges every few months, as in all honesty I am lazy and I never push myself to exercise. I do feel guilty about it but at the same time I walk my pup regularly and my job involves walking round school all day so I do get a bit of movement and air! One of my New Year resolutions though was to make myself do a bit more. I would love to join an activity group, where I can socialise, as I enjoy team sport. I'm having a look around for one of these, but for now I've made a pact with my Mum to run three times a week if we can fit it in. My Mum used to be a great long distance runner but she is feeling the same as me: too much Christmas chocolate!

This morning, we put our running gear on and followed our route which was about 2 miles in total. We wanted to start slowly and steadily as I have read that running for just ten minutes a day can be very beneficial. We ended up being out for about twenty minutes, due to me stopping to walk part of the way. This was fast walking though! I'm still pleased with what I achieved- I must have ran about a mile and a half in all. For me, as I haven't run for a long time, separating your route into walk and run sections is a lot less daunting. I set myself little goals as I go- for instance, run to that white house, to a particular corner, to the top of that hill (I did not make the hill though which was a shame!). It's about doing what you can do, realising when you need a break, but then making a mental note of where you failed so you can improve your targets next time you go out. I think I am scared of hills; my body seems to cower away on the approach, so my next aim is to go for it with a steep gradient. I always take a bottle of water on runs and sip every now and then without stopping. I find it helps to keep my breathing under control. Another tip is to shake out your body as you run if you start to ache or want to give up (yes it looks a bit silly but it loosens you up again!)

As well as doing the running with Mum, I'm attemping to follow a routine for legs and core muscular endurance that I found a while ago on Pinterest. When I did it three times a week last summer, I saw a visible and quick improvement on my muscle tone and stamina. I'm not going to pressure myself to do this three times a week. I've picked out Wednesdays and Sundays as days I can fit this in but I'm not going to wind myself up if I have to skip it due to time.

The routine goes like this:

-20 squats
-30 lunges
-40 calf raises
-50 second wall squat
-100 jumping jacks
-50 second wall squat
-40 sumo squats
-30 leg raises
-20 squats

When I started this routine I had to YouTube a few of the positions to get a clear picture on how to do them, but I like this workout in particular because once you do it for the first time, each move is straight-forward and the routine is memorable. Plus it only takes 15 minutes and you don't need too much space. I do it in my bedroom and can use my door for the wall squat as I don't have a full spare wall. I like to put my Robert's radio on while I do the routine; you can have a little sing and the time flies by! I just want to point out that I haven't made my own fitness plan to lose weight. I want to do this so that I become generally fitter and see healthy exercise as part of my lifestyle.

As you can see, I love to wind down after exercising with a relaxing soak in the bath to ease any muscle ache. I then put on some nice, loose but cosy clothing to keep my muscles warm but give them some breathing space. I'm feeling really calm right now yet I can tell I've exercised well, as my chest is still a bit tight- a good sign that I've raised my heart and breathing rate sufficiently.

What's your fitness routine? xox

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