Sunday, 25 January 2015

Sunday Stories From Essex

This weekend I took a trip to Harlow in Essex to stay with one of my best university friends! I love popping away just for the weekend; it feels like I've had a proper little break and where she lives is absolutely gorgeous. I'm tempted to look up some house prices though I know it's going to be expensive!! The houses are all beautiful; one of the villages we drove through in particular really reminded me of Emmerdale! My friend actually lives on a farm; they have sheep in the back garden and when we arrived her parents were making bread and marmalade from scratch! This obviously left their house smelling delicious! 

On the Saturday evening, Jo took me to Essex's 'best' Indian restaurant where we really pigged out- I had a Rogan Josh as I don't like too much spice and it was the perfect heat for me. Apparently Olly Murs dines in this restaurant so I was all excited but as you might guess we didn't see him! Jo and I had an amazing catch up and then headed home to meet another best friend, Reim who had driven down from her home in the New Forest! We were just sad our threesome wasn't complete as Rea and bump couldn't make it!

Sunday was the cutest day; we put our wellies into the car and drove a couple of miles to nearby Hatfield Forest to walk its beautiful scenic route. It was so peaceful though pretty busy with families and their canine friends happily running everywhere! The forest had a lovely gift shop selling things like country chic plaid blankets, pet accessories, pretty cards and stationary and organic local produce. I really wish I had bought a scrummy looking raspberry curd now to make jam tarts at home. 

After our dose of fresh air we went to nearby Bishop Stortford for lunch. Jo chose to take us to a charming, Cath Kidston esque tea room called Rosy Lea. The decor in there was right up my street- well, I don't know how you couldn't like it really!- with even the china sink in the Ladies being adorned with a gorgeous floral pattern. We ordered an array of sumptuous sandwiches- ginger beer and a salmon and cream cheese sandwich for me- and then it was scones all round. We were each given so much jam and cream that we definitely felt sick afterwards but naturally it was worth it! 

I'm sitting writing this on the train home now and I'm about to get back into my Sex and The City book. I adore the series so when I saw it in a charity shop this week I had to see if Candace Bushnell's writing is as good as her on-screen vision. So far it's an easy and amusing read but it couldn't live up to SJP, Cynthia, Kim and Kristin's chemistry. 

Did you do anything special this weekend? xox


  1. Glad you had a lovely time. Wish I was there - looked so cute!! Xxxx

  2. This is such a lovely post! A great way to spend your weekend, and I love your photos.