Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The Scruffy Doodle Diaries

I just love to give kisses!

As Izzy's quite busy with school at the moment, I thought I'd be kind and make my first guest blogger appearance. I had a busy weekend! On Saturday my big but littlest sister Immy came home and so I got lots and lots of cuddles and strokes. I was just so pleased to see her as Christmas felt like absolutely ages ago! I got taken to the big pet shop on Sunday where I got to watch funny furballs running round in glass boxes and I was treated to a new harness. I chewed through my other one- it was an accident, I promise. It happened because when I have stick fun with Dad in the field by our house I get so happy and excited that I put my harness in my mouth and shake, exactly like I do when I've just got out the bath. My new harness is tighter than my old one so I'm not sure I can do that anymore. It's a shame but I've got to grow out of bad habits sometime. I am two after all this year. I can't remember what we did for my first birthday but this year Izzy's promised she'll make me a special puppy cake. If it's anything like that Madeira cake I pinched off the side before it will be delicious....

When we got home from the pet shop on Saturday, Mum made me this super comfortable, fleecy blanket bed. Although I like sleeping on the hard bits of the floor in the day, this is a nice treat for when I snuggle up with Toby-cat at bedtime. It's got pink ribbons on the end which I appreciate but I think my owners do try to make me more girly than I am. They like me to smell nice and I just like to smell of mud! Although I do love being brushed so my fur goes all fluffy; that's my favourite feeling as it gets rid of all my itches. 

On Sunday evening Toby brought a poor mouse inside and it was very sad. Normally I try holding them in my mouth to warm them up but this time I could tell it was too late. I think Toby thinks he's cool bringing the dormice in as presents for me but I don't like it very much. I would much rather they come and live with us and get on with Toby and George and then we could play and snuggle.

I'm off now because it's time for a nap. Then I might try and scrounge some human dinner....I know something's in the oven! Ah, puppy life.....



  1. Aw Genny! I love it when you give bump kisses! Big cuddly bear!! Xxxx

  2. Oh. My. Goodness. That dog is just so flippin' cute!!!!!!!!!!!! What breed is it?

  3. this is so cute omg! great post :)

    xx fawnchic