Thursday, 1 January 2015

Welcoming 2015!

I always find New Year's Eve a strange one; Matt and I have never really been 'party people' so we were never going to go celebrating it in that way. When we were in school we used to stay in, watch a movie and stay up literally just to watch the London fireworks on telly and say "Happy New Year!" For the last few years though I think we've started a tradition with going out for an evening meal. Last year we went to Chiquitos, and this year we tried to book a local Prezzo as it is in a really lovely spot on the beach front. However we were too late so we ended up back at Chiquitos! Next year we've already decided we will book somewhere obscure and a bit fancy earlier. 

Anyway the outcome was that Chiquitos was delicious. I had a frozen strawberry daiquiri (Matt was designated driver but we can swap next year!) We both ordered steaks and fries with peppercorn sauce and a side of sweet potato fries to share. I then had to make an excruciating choice between apple and blueberry crumble and toffee popcorn brownie.... even though I knew it would make me feel sick, the brownie won! Chiquitos has loads of desserts on its menu though- pudding lover heaven! 
After our meal we headed home to meet Mum and Dad, who had been for dinner themselves, to a dog friendly bar (lucky Gen got NYE pizza!) We then drove to a local seaside town, Deal, where we met my extended family and counted the new year in with the seafront fireworks and mini bottles of champagne. Cue my headache today!

How did you celebrate the arrival of 2015? xox

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  1. Looks like you had a lovely evening, the food looks so scrummy and I'm totally with you on brownies always winning! Happy new year lovely xx
    Vanity Fairest