An Explanation

Two weeks ago something huge happened to my family, something that could undoubtedly change our close little unit forever. My Dad was diagnosed with Acute Meyloid Leukaemia in September, something I really hadn't heard of before. Now I feel I know it too well! He was such a healthy and active man so it was a big shock at the time, but he made it through almost four intense months of chemotherapy and got into remission for Christmas. We had four lovely, 'normal' months, leading to a wonderful Easter weekend on the 4th, then we were hit by the bombshell that the cancer had come back. Not only that, it had accumulated and pressed onto his spinal cord, causing paralysis from the mid chest down. Pretty crap really to say the least! Not to scare anyone, but all Dad had as a warning was a backache, which we put down to him overdoing it with the DIY or running with the dog, or the home exercises he's always been obsessed with doing. He lost the use of his legs within hours. 

I've been keeping a low profile, but then Mum said something like this to me: "If someone stumbled upon your blog, they'd think your life was pretty idyllic. It's good to show the reality too." Thanks for the words of wisdom Mum, I do think you're totally right. I feel extremely lucky to have the lifestyle that my family do, but everything was and can be turned upside down in the space of an afternoon. I stopped blogging over the last few weeks as I felt that talking about fashion, beauty and such superficial things was silly when my Dad is going through what he is. But I think I will start to post again, because I wouldn't want to let down the small following I've managed to gain over the last couple of years, and also because life goes on. It just has to.I never thought it would after my Nanny passed away last year, but actually your perspective on life just changes. You're allowed to enjoy Instagram, Tumblr and Youtube, but my words of advice are please don't jeopardise time with loved ones for social media. Take a break if you need and just be aware of how precious the real people around you are.

We're hopeful that with treatment Dad is going to be okay but while we're in this horrible limbo, I'm going to appreciate the little things - picking flowers from the garden, cuddling up to my dog, cooing over my best friend's new baby, baking, writing my YA novel, helping kids at school with their own issues. And that's how I'm going to get through the next few weeks or months.
I may post updates as we go along because I have had a lot to deal with in this past year and I am someone who has frequently searched the net for anyone in the same scenario. If any of you are going through something similar right now and have any questions or just want to talk then absolutely feel free to message me using my given email.

Love, Izzy


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