About Vintage beauty xox

Hi! I'm Izzy. I began this blog in my first term of university, which feels like a decade ago now....! 

Yes, Vintage Beauty xox as a name may be lacking in originality. But back in the day I was so desperate to get my online space up and going that I settled for it! If you read out the 'ex, o, ex' it sort of, ever-so-nearly feels like you're in Gossip Girl?! Redeeming feature?!

I'm a secondary school English teacher. I am coming up to twenty five but my students think I am sixteen. 

 I previously dabbled in writing lifestyle features - I was clothing brand Yumi's guest blogger in 2012; I have also had a few cheeky comments published for Grazia's 'You The Fashion Jury'. 

Back in 2012, I also interned for Closer magazine. That consisted of organising the shoe cupboard and doing endless coffee, Pret and even sushi runs. I also had the exciting opportunity of transcribing an interview with Millie Mackintosh. At twenty, I was pretty much living the dream. Until I realised that magazine life in the big city means no money. ^^

I am a country bumpkin at heart.

I adore writing, though I don't have much time for it nowadays - having over a hundred students who are counting on me to plan their lessons and mark their books. 

Being a teacher is highly stressful but highly rewarding. I love my (school) kids.

I write my little blog for fun.... and to relive old habits. And to feel young again!

A significant part of my life now is that I have a HUSBAND. Which is still so odd to say, yet the transition feels incredibly normal (we were together for ten years before the big day back in December).

I live with my amazing hubby in an old thatched cottage on a bank, with our two feline friends who are named after our favourite writers - Hemingway and Fitzgerald. These fluffy boys are our practice for having children and responsibility...

Except hopefully our children will not bring in [dead] mice & rabbits.


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