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I opened a weeny vintage shop named Patricia Mary Vintage in memory of my nanny (the beautiful lady in this photograph) a couple of years ago. I was super proud of this venture and I think I also saw it as a coping mechanism after my beloved grandmother died.

My Nanny Pat introduced me to Audrey Hepburn, a huge style inspiration for me. Nanny wasn't the girliest of girls, but she always made that effort to look lovely. She was always interested in what I was wearing, and often clocked my new pair of shoes or jumper and cheekily went out to buy it herself! She was still trendy in the way that she dressed and accessorised (even at 77!) and I loved that. She also had an endless collection of pretty little trinkets, so I think she would love the idea of me hunting for similar treasures.

Previously,  I have sold pieces hand-picked by me - some with a French chic vibe, others with a traditional British countryside feel.

I do not currently have anything on sale, but keep an eye out in the future for any vintage goodies I discover.


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