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  Just browsing Tumblr and found some amazing DIY inspiration- check out these awesome customized Converse; I am literally going to try and dig out some crafty bits tomorrow ready to create my own. I just love the silver stud detailing as I'm already obsessed with studs- they would really bring a quirky edge to any outfit and catch attention. You can see here on the light blue pair that they've used what looks like chunky buttons or brooches and the smaller ones are safety pins- the result: cheap but chic shoe styling! DIY bits like this would also be easy to remove, so you could style up your shoes for a particular outfit or occasion. I love the simple row of three spikes down the back of these turquoise low-tops.

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 I am already lucky enough to own an all-over-sequin pair of Converse (Thanks to my boyfriend and his mum who searched and searched to fulfil my shoe dream!) but for those of you that don't want to buy a new pair, adding sequins to your classics would also look fab, and that way you can mix up the colours- rainbow converse anyone?! If you don't want to do all over glitz, then a few down the seams would be subtle but cute. Even some colourful, retro buttons stuck on with some super-glue (Though I don't know how efficient glue could be for these) would add a unique twist to your shoes, so if you have a 'button box' hidden away in your house like we do in ours, then get experimenting!

DIY sequins- cute!

The original sequin converse- I am in love with mine!
   While I'm on the topic of DIY shoe customizing, I came across a cool article on Company's website about replicating the toe cap trend at home. From first seeing the metallic version of the trend on the runway at the likes of Chanel and Marc Jacobs and then on the feet of Alexa Chung and countless other uber-cool celebs, I loved them and have since been eyeing up high-street copies. But I never thought about how easy it could be to DIY using an old (but intact!) pair of court or kitten heels! The method uses masking tape to create the toe-cap shape, before you paint on the DIY toe-cap yourself with acrylic paint. The Company article, link here for step by step instruction:, tells you how to create neon toe caps, though for me I would use metallic paint to create those futuristic beauties we are seeing everywhere! You could also attempt to replicate the classic Chanel cream and black toe capped pumps with a plain pair of cream heels. Looks like you need a steady hand, but I'm definitely going to be having a go!

Designer DIY inspiration

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Inspiration: Topshop Jadore Studded Kitten Heels in Lilac £70


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