Model Minus The Runway: Freja Beha Erichsen

I personally find it so intriguing to see a model off-duty and away from the bright lights of the catwalk, with liberty in their appearance and social agenda. Freja Beha Erichsen's naturally textured, Jane Birkin style bangs first captured my attention, yet I then found myself obsessed with her out-of-hours wardrobe.
   Spotted on the streets of Copenhagen at just 15 years old, Danish-born Freja must have sussed her entirely effortless androgynous look mega early. Word has it that she was a tomboy all through her childhood- the majority of which she spent scaling trees and building campfires- picking biker jackets over frills and frocks. Freja has been such a hit outside of her native country, racking up ad campaigns and shows for designers A-Z, that she has single-handedly inspired the Chloe Freja clutch, the Alexander Wang Freja Lace-up Stilettos and the Jill Stuart Freja handbag. Oh, to have but one designer piece named after you, let alone three!

    Each time she steps out into the real world, Freja rocks a look that could only belong to her, with her choppy fringe and impossibly willowy legs. Her old casting agent, James Scully, once called her "a perfect old-school clothes-hanger", and that is exactly what she is: in the hands of designers. She suits pleated midi skirts, tailored pants and skimpy camis surprisingly well. Nevertheless, her choice of thigh-hugging jeans, Doc Marten-esque boots, monochrome layers and the rare dress (Rick Owens, though she labels these as lengthy tank tops) has the bigger impact. Minimalist in Freja's case is actually more. No-one could doubt her irrevocable dress-sense.
    With quirky crooners The XX featuring heavily on her iPod, a penchant for travelling and a background in horses, Freja's personality stretches further than her charismatic threads. And though it seems her lean frame is helped by plenty of uber-toning pilates, it's not all bad- Freja told Elle UK last year that top of her snack list for the model tour bus (most likely airbus!) is a trusty pot of choccy mousse. My guess is that slumber parties at hers would definitely be a choco-fest.



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