A Trip to the French Market (by Genny-pup)

Hello there! Long time, no woofs. Today my owners took me to one of my favourite towns, Sandwich, for this event called 'Le Weekend: Sandwich Goes French'. I tell you, there are just so many incredible smells in this place. I've never been to France but I think I got a pretty excellent taster of it this morning. There was delicious food everywhere I turned - freshly baked breads, huge dishes of meaty concoctions, a whole stall dedicated to cheese (!!), boxes of creamy cakes, stands of gummy sweets....strings of sausages, the lot. I was quite cross as I almost, so nearly got a lick of a jelly snake and then my owner pulled me away, all embarrassed. I mean, how is that embarrassing? I think it's embarrassing that they didn't buy any of this scrummy stuff. I liked the non foody bits too - there were all these bags that looked like straw that scratched my nose really nicely. There were toys, cool new toys to play with, and some music that I stopped and had a tail wiggle to. We had a sit down after a while and I got to have some kisses with this kind of cute cocker spaniel guy. He got a bit desperate though after a while; he had his tongue in my water bowl and then I thought, no, I'll have a nap now. I think I'll be napping for quite a bit of the day - it's so nice and warm. I'm curling up by the back gate now in a patch of sun.

Happy Sunday everyone,




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