Shepherds for the Night

On Tuesday, we had a lovely surprise: Mum and Dad had booked us a night in a shepherd's hut as an Easter treat! They had stayed in the hut before and knew how lovely it was. We travelled down to Headcorn, in the countryside near Ashford, for our stay - it actually coincided nicely with a meeting with our wedding DJ! We decided to stop for lunch before checking into the hut, so we drove into a beautiful, sleepy village called Sissinghurst. Mum and Dad had recommended a pub called The Milk House, and it did not disappoint! I literally loved it there. The Milk House is a converted 16th century hall house, with timber beams and a Tudor fireplace; it prides itself on using all fresh local ingredients from the nearby farms and vineyards. As well as having a sophisticated dining room menu, we discovered a tasty bar menu and a pizza menu - the pub has its own wood-burning oven on the outside terrace! As it was a beautiful day - slightly chilly in the breeze, but still warm for April sun - we ate on the terrace. The little touches really made it welcoming - for example they had a box called 'The Comfort Zone' where you could collect little pinstriped cushions in candy colours for your chair! The menu had plenty of choice, yet I opted for the battered cod, skinny fries and mushy peas; while Matt had the Old Spot ham, egg and chips. Both were genuinely delicious! Pudding wise, the only gluten free dessert was the creme caramel with root beer, which we thought was quite quirky but still yummy! I chose white chocolate and strawberry ice-cream - mmmm! A highlight for me was a tea I had for afters, called Frasier Cake - a blend of strawberries, lychee and lemon peel. I'd never had such a pretty-sounding tea, plus it was a gorgeous rose pink colour!

We then went for a stroll around the village and picked up goodies for the evening from the weeny but incredibly well-stocked village shop! We took our cheese, cold meats, olives and kettle chips to the hut where we laid out the chequered picnic blanket and cracked open the white wine. The view from the hut was idyllic - it overlooked a large field with four beautiful horses in. We watched them have a playful gallop around as we nibbled and played cards and dominoes (because everywhere we go, we have to play games! We are self-confessed game geeks.) The hut itself was so cleverly done, making perfect use of space. The owners managed to fit in a folding table and two chairs, a sink, fridge, kettle station and cupboard space, a wood burning stove, a double bed and a proper bathroom with a lovely tiled shower. We had the cosiest night's sleep - verging on too cosy, as we lit the stove early in the evening and it turned the hut into an oven! The window by our bed had quaint wooden shutters with a brass bolt; I would love to add shutters somewhere on our house! The hut, set in a small orchard, is part of Wilderness B&B and is run by a husband and wife as an extension to their family home. There are two other accommodation options at Wilderness but we would definitely recommend Bramley Hut as a unique experience! I have left links below for you to have a snoop.




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