Saint Valentine

Audrey & Fred Astaire - Funny Face 

We're moving swiftly into February..... which is just my favourite time of year, for many reasons. It's my birthday and some of my best friends' birthdays, Valentines Day, plus the weather seems to turn perfectly cold and crisp. Some years we have even had a sprinkling of snow around my birthday! I admit I do look forward to Valentines - not just because I have a lovely hubby to spend it with, and have for the last ten years!

I remember in teen hood, Valentines was all about who would get the most cards out of your girl group, or who would be delivered a rose from a mystery admirer during fourth lesson! Our school had a rose delivery service - I like to think of it as pretty similar to the candy cane grams in Mean Girls - "Four for you Glen Coco, you go Glen Coco!" I was lucky enough to receive one or two of those roses from Matt - we were childhood sweethearts! V'day wasn't just superficial though; as a shy young girl, it was a chance to see if the guy you crushed on liked you back!

Matt and I have had many Valentines together now but it's not a day to be extravagant - it's just a day to show you appreciate someone and to put that little bit more effort in than normal.

I like to find Matt a card that just suits 'us' - or two, or three! Paperchase has the best cards - as does Not On The High Street. I have the challenge of tracking down a husband one this year (though I have bought him two miniature ones already that I couldn't resist!! Oops.) 

I also tend to buy Matt some goodies - the treats I know he loves but wouldn't go out and buy himself. Then I will find a thoughtful gift - just a little something (a personalised present, or something quirky and custom made.) 

We like to get the M&S 'Dine in' for two - which is amazing value for money - although this year we are having a romantic few days in Surrey as a mini moon. Very excited about that.

Anyway, I've gone off on a tangent. This post is all about the little love-themed bits and bobs that could make someone smile on Valentines - whether that be a Mum, a sister, a best friend or a girlfriend. Or yourself - because everyone needs to treat themselves once in a while!

Let me know how you are celebrating Valentines. Because whether you are single or come as two, it's a day for love and appreciation (even if that means loving and appreciating yourself! Preferably with a Lush bubble bath and a face mask, a feel-good book and some delicious snacks.)



1. Anthropologie Tying the Knot Dish Cloth - £16.00. I would love to receive this as a reminder of our wedding last month! A cute pick-me-up for newly weds in dreary January, the embroidery is beautiful. This is a tea towel for hanging up to look pretty rather than one to actually use!

2. Waterstones Vintage Mini Books £3.50. Vintage Classics by Penguin Random House have released these gorgeous little minis - there were some floating around at Christmas but I hadn't seen this one before! A tiny but compelling read, this would fit in your backpack for reading on public transport or on your lunch break!

3. Charbonnel Et Walker Truffles, small boxes from £4.50. I have only had the pleasure of experiencing these chocolates once, and they are expensive per piece, but I can understand why! They truly melt in your mouth and are so rich you only need one or two at a time anyway.

4. Not on The High Street Reasons Why I Love You Origami, £11.00 (on sale). This origami set is so quirky and cute. You fold the paper into little fortune cookie shapes after writing messages of affection and adoration into their hidden centres. It would be thoughtful to write a couple of these for anyone special in your life.

5. ASOS Front & Back Heart Pearl Earrings, £4.00. I keep looking at these earrings - they're just so sweet: very Audrey Hepburn with a modern twist of the scarlet red. And for that price - they're the perfect accessory for a plain white tee and jeans.

6. Biscuiteers You're My Lobster Biscuit Box, £18.00. I have been obsessed with watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S again recently, since Netflix stepped up and uploaded the whole of the ten seasons. Biscuiteers biccies are supposed to taste dreamy and I love this special Valentines edition.


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