A Vintage Delight: Annie and the Mannequins

The brand is run and modelled by twin sisters Maria and Steph Cox
     While browsing through the boutiques of ASOS Marketplace, I came across a real vintage treasure trove!  'Annie and the Mannequins' caught my eye with its professional-looking photographs, stunning models and wonderful variety of classic pieces of clothing. Not only is the brand's name fantastic, imaginative and distinct from what's out there already, the clothes are amazing and again, totally fill a gap in the vintage-junkies market. 
    The vintage fashion emporium was set up by Textile and Fashion Design Management graduate, Maria Cox, who put her innovative love for thrifting primarily onto an Ebay store. The brand is now run full-time by Maria and her sister Stephanie- twins with an impressive eye for taking era-reminiscent pieces and making them current. Together they embraced ASOS Fashion Finder as the perfect creative outlet for everyday fashionistas wanting to influence others with their personal style. The duo have built Annie and the Mannequins up to have a praise-worthy, global customer base and reputation.

Suzanne Emily O'Connor photographs for the AATM Christmas Lookbook
This month's Lookbook, entitled 'Travelling Girls'
   The girls sell their one-off finds on their own site- http://www.annieandthemannequins.com- as well as on ASOS Marketplace. There is a wide selection of different items on each, so check both out- also to appreciate the artwork. The aim of Annie and the Mannequins was to present unique, antiquarian pieces that can be worn in an everyday context- in other words, pieces that are jeans and cut-offs friendly! Instead of coveting the pre-21st century ball gowns, veiled hats and silk evening gloves that are often found in vintage shops-items that are fascinating to look at, yet not so flattering on- the brand provides wearability, with that much-desired character and quirk. The overall feel of each weekly capsule collection is lady-chic, with a high-fashion edge. Though each piece is a vintage gem, the twins manage to refer to key catwalk trends with their savvy styling, and the result is a retro-bohemian aesthetic. 

An image from the S/S '11 collection- I adore this outfit, and the suitcase!
     Looking at the AATM blog, the twins are also Topshop, Zara, Office and Primark enthusiasts, and they often amalgamate their genuine hand-picked items with mod finds to add another dimension to an outfit. The blog is definitely worth a look; with regular styling posts and pretty pictures to indulge your vintage-appreciating minds in. The look books are gorgeous, with themed whimsical scenery: while this month's lookbook is called 'Travelling Girls' (beautiful tattered suitcases, and a charming gypsy caravan-like setting of plush velvet, fringed lamps and decorative china, check), S/S'12 was inspired by a 'Flower House'. 

'Travelling Girls'
'Flower House'
     Annie and the Mannequin's vintage wonderland offers an extensive collection of feminine pieces, varying from cable knit cardis and sequin encrusted jumpers, to cut-out evening frocks and detailed blazers, to cutsie tea dresses and semi-precious stone rings. There's something for everyone- print, polka-dots, a divine dose of luxe velvet, faux fur collars, Isabel Marant-look belts (but vintage of course!), tapestry bags and the odd pair of Chelsea boots. There is a huge choice for your closet, but one guarantee- you are bound to stand out in the crowd with any of these enriching, high quality pieces. The Cox sisters have created their own time machine to the best in reworked and enchanting clothing. Head to https://marketplace.asos.com/boutique/annie-and-the-mannequins to satisfy any vintage cravings! If I had to pick a ten piece wardrobe from this one brand, here is what I would pick. (Ridiculously tough, as I would actually like pretty much everything!!)

Burgundy Velvet Blazer £38
Royal Blue Velvet Feel Button Dress £38 (worn with black floral
and chain patterned blouse, £30)
Mini Dogtooth Patterned Blazer £34
Angora Mix Slate Grey Spike Studded Collar Jumper £38
Cream Lace Shoulder Panel Blouse £30
Blue and Silver Cochella Semi-Precious Stone Ring £14
Navy and Cream Floral Button Up Dress £34
Cream and Black Polka Dot Skirt £30
Wine Red Silver Speckle Cardigan £28
Navy Totally Beaded Silk Light Weight Blazer £38


  1. These clothes look absolutely beautiful! :) xxx

  2. So glad you featured this fabulous online boutique, off to check it out now :) The clothes look lovely!

    Eda ♥

  3. So glad you found this! Is it wrong that I want EVERYTHING?! I nominated you for The Liebster Award btw! Check this post http://lifebyemmy.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/the-liebster-award.html for more deets x

  4. I am so glad I stumbled across your blog! This post is lovely. Those girls sure know how to dress! May take a look at their site, thanks for sharing :)


  5. These pieces are gorgeous, and I am so happy I came across your blog!


  6. Love the feel of the lookbook.
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Have a fab weekend Hun xoxo

  7. I am LOVING the black cut out maxi dress. And this is making me WISH that I had a twin to do a design team with.


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