Tempting Trinket: Hand Chains

Caggie Dunlop wearing a turquoise stone hand chain from ISWAI
     My obsession with ear cuffs fueled this season, and now I am infatuated with another unique, little trinket- the hand chain. This ornate piece of jewellery- it also qualifies as an accessory in its own right!- is a ring and a bracelet with that elegant bit in between. Caggie Dunlop has been seen wearing the hand chain on Made In Chelsea this season, prompting a flurry of them to appear in high-street shops. On the show and above, she styled her hand chain by wearing varying rings on her spare fingers, creating a gorgeous stacked effect.
     I am so impressed by the sudden evolution of jewellery; the ear cuff surpassed expectations of the standard earring and offered an easy-to-do edginess. The hand chain, for me, encompasses a delightful vintage spirit yet it also reflects a 21st century twist- pushing jewellery to uncommon places. The look is the epitome of true boho-chic; my favourite pieces are those bursting with beautiful gem stones and dangling amulets. I feel they really embrace inner hippiness. Not to mention, I'm sure the beauty of these chains can make any hand look dainty and photogenic!
Dolly Bow Bow Turquoise Hand Chain £8
    Since finding and blogging this top photo on Tumblr, I have kept an eye out for a similiar style- I fell in love with the silver and turquoise colouring together. At first glance I thought that this was a shot from Isabel Marant's cowboy-influenced Fall 2012 show- the western belt and frayed denim conjured up memories of last year's runway- however I haven't tracked it down as part of the designers work. The model must simply be a Marant-fan! I was so excited to finally find an identical hand chain at Dolly Bow Bow (co.uk). The Turquoise Hand Chain (second above) is simply gorgeous- for me it is reminsicient of the signature bohemian looks of Sienna Miller and Kate Bosworth- and it's a steal at £8! You simply hook the antique-gold ring around one finger and wrap the bracelet around your wrist.
    If you haven't come across Dolly Bow Bow before, the brand was founded by jewellery designer and popular blogger, Kate Murnane almost two years ago. I have just this week discovered her Youtube channel and she is a down-to-earth, easy-to-watch girl who is very fashion savvy and passionate about her designs. She is also a girl after my own heart- doing regular Primark hauls! I am a Primark junkie too!! I definitely recommend you check her out! The current stock at Dolly Bow Bow is charming with that essential quirk factor, varying from delicate vintage-chic charm bracelets and necklaces to stunning floral crowns and retro-glamour hair bows. In Kate's recent videos, she emphasises that the current collection has an edgy orientation with crosses and spikes galore- the pieces on offer do have a brilliant juxtaposition of a feminine and a rock 'n' roll aesthetic.
    Crosses have always been a classic fashion pattern, so it's unsurprising that they are decorating hand chains as well as every other piece of jewellery. This Timi Cross Dangle bracelet at Tobi.com is refined and quite subtle; its tiny silver chains and cross embellishment make it perfect for everyday wear.

Tobi Timi Cross Dangle Bracelet, £8
   For evening, try a weighty, jewelled chain for maximum impact. Topshop's Curve Stone Hand Chain is simple with just the right amount of glitz, while their Tubes Handchain makes more of a statement, with three ring hooks. Like the ear-cuff, an oversized hand chain is your outstanding alternative for a chandelier earring or a heavily-beaded necklace.

Topshop Curve Stone Hand Chain £12.50
Topshop Tubes Hand Chain £14
   Two of my go-to jewellery sites now: Rock and Rose's Orla Hand Chain is impossibly stylish and fairly simple if you want to experiment with the trinket before making a full wishlist of them! It is so versatile, coming in gunmetal, silver or gold, and its chunky chain will add a sophisticated touch to any outfit.

Rock and Rose Orla Hand Chain in Silver £7
    If you are a lover of symbolic jewellery- I'm an avid fan of all the astrological charms at the moment- then Chelsea Doll's Geo Triangle Hand Chain is ideal for you. It is guaranteed to add a funky edge to any look and will also be the ultimate accessory for the festivals of summer 2013!

Chelsea Doll Geo Triangle Hand Chain £12
   As you can tell, I'm totally coveting this individual hand trinket- like the ear cuff it makes a welcome change to traditional forms of adornment and I think it is fun to mix up your jewellery box! There are no rules for wearing a hand chain! Experiment with wearing more delicate iterations with your everyday rings or add big, cocktail rings to a more embellished chain for full-on glamour. Try Ebay vintage stores- Etsy is a great one for kitsch finds!- charity and hand-me-down shops for one-off hand chains, or you could even attempt a DIY chain! By buying a multi-chain necklace and small rings to connect to the chains, I imagine you could take the necklace apart and construct your own designs. I would love to see your attempts! 


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  2. Hi Evie! Thank you very much! That's so kind of you! xxxx :) x

  3. really love this post! and i cant agree with you more. it seems jewellery really is evolving with all the ear cuffs and body chains. although i do remember having a belly chain when i was a chubby 8 year old...

    some lovely items on here. I love the silver and turquoise look too! theres always some lovely and quite cheap finds in silver ant turquoise in markets and car boots!

    love the post. you have a new follower!

    check out my new blog www.sophie-lm.blogspot.co.uk

  4. Oh these are brilliant - I've seen a bundle of people with them and I think it's a sign that I need to buy one now as I keep seeing them!! ^.^

  5. Hand chains are cool. I've recently bought a necklace from Etsy, its a great site, xoxo.


  6. I love hand chains being a bit of a made in chelsea obsessive! You've picked out some really nice cheaper alternatives! x

  7. I love the turquoise and the gold! I would definitely invest in some (:

    I'd love it if you could check out my fashion blog! I'm a teen hoping to make it in the fashion industry and I'm new to this whole scene


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