My Little English Country Garden

My family and I spent a lovely day yesterday relaxing in our relatively small but perfectly formed back garden (before the thunderstorm paid a visit!) We split our time between the field we rent, which has much more room for activities such as badminton and of course, horse-riding! It also has the wonderful allotment. But you can't beat the charm of our quaint little garden, so I thought I'd offer you a mini tour, as I rarely do lifestyle posts and fancy a change! Welcome to our botanical haven...

Go through an archway and over the old, round stepping stones, and here we are. There is a sweet tiny pond to the left, amongst the shrubbery... the cats have fallen in many a time!

One of many visitors to the blooms...

A spot of light reading... complete with Mum's comfy checked picnic blanket and Cath Kidston-esque cushions!
Look who joined me for the goss! Bella, our fifty-year-old tortoise. (She loves having her shell painted- it's the tortoise equivalent of nails! ;)
This is Bella's house. Complete with her own swimming pool. A very important part of the garden! And it looks super cosy!

For some peculiar reason we have a mirror in our hedge- but I think it looks gorgeous among the flowers, very Alice in Wonderland-y.

I adore our chiminea- it's lovely and toasty in the winter, when we sit on the patio and drink and talk until late :)
Pretty purple wildflowers.

A better view of our patio table and chairs- just fab for light, summer lunches and card games!

Another keen visitor!

Our hand-built (by my DIY God of a Dad!) gazebo is like another room of our house. You can read in there, the cat sleeps in there... it's cute. Minus the odd spider!
The gazebo interior. Onions- oh, so French.


  1. This is beautiful! Maybe small but a perfectly formed garden and those hollyhocks are amazing!


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