I'm in Grazia!

I was ecstatic to open Grazia magazine this week and see my name and comment on the lovely Carey Mulligan's Erdem dress in You The Fashion Jury! What a nice surprise! I can't express enough my adoration for Carey's look here; she looks stunning doesn't she?! Her divine chocolate coloured locks are even tempting me to change my hair colour, and I would kill for this beautiful dress- it's so individual while at the same time exuding a timeless allure, what with its fifties collar and etherealness.
A close-up on Carey's houndstooth frock with a digital twist, and those enviable cocoa waves
As for the other three featured A-list outfits in this week's issue; here's what I thought! Laura Carmichael's 'rib cage' effect dress had me perplexed. Despite wine being one of the 'it' colours of this season, I find it really unflattering on Laura. Though the Kane boots would look ideal with my trusty leather jacket, toned-down, elegant sandals and a soft up-do would have elongated her figure in such a clingy frock. I gave this 2/5!

Laura Carmichael in Christopher Kane
   Rita Ora's Moschino tartan suit was an eyesore to say the least! Now, I love a bit of plaid like everyone else but tartan should be worn in moderation; I would have stopped at the cutsie bow tie! The emblems on Rita's suit for me look tacky, and the boots look more suited to a climbing expedition. Top marks for bravery but the catwalk girls did it better- head to toe tartan should be for performance purposes only. 1/5 for Rita!

Finally, Grazia put Katy Perry's holistic outfit (worn for her appearance on the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon show last week) up for slaughter. While I respect Katy for her ever playful dress sense, the schoolgirl look is a bit much. The contrast of a religious motif with shiny leather and biker boots is edgy enough without the knee-highs. I say ditch them and the pigtails for sure. I'd say 2/5 for the potential of the tee (actually liked it with the lilac, python skin pants on the H of H runway!)

House of Holland Spring 2014


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