October's Recipe: Baked Peaches

I have always wanted to try out baking my own peaches, ever since I had a nibble of one at a wedding I was helping to cater at. I still remember the sensation in my mouth- it was incredible. Definitely on par (as a fruity version) with a warm-you-up hot chocolate! So, last week I decided to go for it and bought a four pack of peaches, thinking- "I've got four takes at this- one's got to turn out yum!" As it happened, baking peaches could not be simpler!! Here is my recipe below, and you could of course try substituting for other fruits! I will be!

Peaches, (up to you how many- I find two at once very filling!) sliced in half and de-stoned
2 teaspoons brown or golden caster sugar
1 tablespoon of butter
Optional: A handful of raspberries, a handful of flaked almonds, clotted or double pouring cream or vanilla ice-cream, a few squirts of honey or golden syrup!

How to:
Place the peach halves in a small oven dish (on foil to save washing up!).
Sprinkle with the sugar, and dab on/lightly spread the butter over the flat tops of the peaches. Don't worry if the butter is slightly lumpy, it will melt in nicely!
Sprinkle over almond flakes and drizzle with honey (a nice combination!), or solely add raspberries for an extra fruity kick.
Bake at 200 degrees Celsius/gas mark 6 for 20 minutes.

On the side: Spoon clotted cream into the peaches/pour cream over the peaches, or alternatively eat with real vanilla podded ice-cream!


Vanilla pods.
My baked peaches: butter and sugar for me
Peaches with an almond crust: courtesy of Tumblr


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