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Dear lovely bloggers and followers,

Long time no see! I have had a busy (to say the absolute least!) year, in which I have achieved a first class in my Creative Writing degree from Roehampton (big yay), moved back home to my lovely house in the Kent countryside (my favourite place on the planet, there truly is no place like home), officially joined the adult working world, and very recently, started up an Etsy shop- something I've been dreaming of for a long, long time.

The mischievous pup taking up all my time!!
Although I have gone down a new pathway into education, and I am loving my new journey, I miss blogging about H&M's latest collab, what J-Law's wearing or my love of tartan. The truth is, there will always be near to nothing nicer than settling down with a copy of Vogue, Harper's or these days, Country Living, as I'm really into homewares! A sign I'm definitely growing up. While a few years ago I would have spent all my spare money on pieces for my wardrobe, now an impressive chunk of the results of my retail therapy goes on scented candles and bits and bobs for my bedroom.
I really want to incorporate my interest in interiors - which has stemmed from my Mum, who I genuinely think has the best taste in countryside shabby chic- in my blog now. I also want to eventually add a baking section, a bunch of book reviews and just fill you in generally on what's going on where I live! Because it's a special place!

Pretty goodies over at my Etsy shop!
For now, please head to and check out my new (set up last weekend!) vintage shop, where I'm currently selling gorgeous retro cosmetics, a Gatsby-esque purse with French roots, a funky winter shoulder bag and a dose of old-school Vogue. I've loved searching for items to fill my new little project and have some exciting new pieces lined up too...
My shop is named after my late nan and so it means a lot to me just to have work to do on something in her memory. I hope you enjoy browsing the teeny bits of history I've uncovered.

Until next time!



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