Double Plaid, Fedora, Outside Armchair and Pup!!


What I'm wearing: Primark plaid skirt £8, Primark heeled & cut-out buckle boots £15 (fairly high but super comfy!), Primark embellished neck grey sweater £14, Zara blanket plaid scarf in khaki £19.99, Primark black bow detail fedora £8. A bit (or a lot) of a Primark day!!

Quick outfit of the day post from me! My first proper OOTD in fact. Though it's really windy today (my room is in the loft and my windows always rattle like they're about to fall out!) I felt like some air so I popped into the garden with Gen. All the flowers are more or less gone now, though there are still a few buds on a rose we planted this summer for my nan, which made me happy! I included a snap of this armchair that Mum's just moved into our gazebo from the dining room because I think it's such a cool idea to have an armchair outside! She moved it out as she think's it's tatty but I love it for that reason! Obviously you'll need to wrap up well but if you have a slightly sheltered space to put a chair like ours in, it's another way to make sure you get to experience outside in winter. I'm looking forward to filling up my flask with hot chocolate, digging out my gloves and heading out with a book or even my camera to capture the delights of the season. You could even make up a festive themed picnic to eat out- the possibilities are endless!
I find this weather quite difficult to dress in as the temperature is so up and down, but this Zara scarf is an absolute winner in my eyes as it unfolds to basically become a blanket. If it's not quite coat weather I can just put this on and know I'll be cosy! I love to add a bit of embellishment to everyday layers (note from Vogue: incorporating a piece of the shard into your wardrobe is in) which is what drew me to this collared knit! This plaid skirt is another amazingly versatile piece- I wear it to work with a white shirt and brogues for a smart look, and if I'm chilling at home like today, I can throw a jumper over or tuck it into a simple grey tee with woolly tights. As for this hat, let's just say it's been a life saver on bad hair days!! Plus it goes with everything. A big thumbs up for Primark's fall range so far!


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