The Etsy Guide for Quirky Christmas Gifts

It's nearly pushing it for getting your Christmas gifts, but if you're really stuck for inspiration, I thought I'd offer a few items I've spotted on Etsy recently for purchase! I love to browse Etsy to find endless independent stores. The plus of using a small business for gifts or treats for yourself, is that more often that not you are shopping in a unique market. A lot of the pieces found on Etsy are one-offs and are also crafted or handpicked with care and love, as people only put in the time and effort to set up their own shop if they are passionate about their brand and stock.
Having opened my own Etsy this Autumn, I can say that choosing items you truly love and would want to own yourself, then seeing other people adore them too, is a small slice of happiness. I created my shop in memory of my late nan, so it's pretty special to me for that reason. I wanted a new project to take my mind off things after her leaving us this year. My nanny wasn't the most girly of girls, but she always made an effort to look nice, and she was always interested in what I was wearing. In fact, she often clocked my new pair of shoes or jumper and cheekily went out to buy it herself! I love that I can talk about my nan in regard to the shop and that a gorgeous picture of her in Paris on her 16th birthday is its emblem. If you're interested in checking out my teeny shop (that I hope will grow in the new year!) then head to Patricia Mary Vintage on Etsy.

I hope you enjoy looking at my picks from several lovely English Etsys.... I'd definitely be happy to receive any of these cute little gifts for Christmas! I hope you don't mind that the last item I've thrown in is from Patricia Mary Vintage, because I needed another item to fit my collage, and I genuinely love this piece, especially as a fashionista! 

 Let me know your favourite Etsy shops! xox



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