The Perfect Winter Morning

This morning my sister and I got straight up, pulled our coats, hats and wellies on over our pyjamas, and took Genny out across the fields just up from our house. We both said it was the absolute perfect morning. There was a sprinkling of frost over everything and the air had that amazing crisp, fresh but not too freezing feel. The marshy bits of the field had iced over, and Gen had so much fun discovering what it was like to step on iced-over puddles! She went crazy for them when we showed her how to break through. Every time she broke one, she drank the water underneath as if she expected it to taste really yummy! She's such a character! After a good catch-up with my sister ( she only got back yesterday from Newcastle- she's joined the Merchant Navy and will be working for Disney Cruiselines which is super exciting- and I haven't seen her for 10 weeks!) we headed back to the Stocks house for tea and toast and a hot bath for me! This is our front door with its wreath and lovely, festive slate. We only put our decs up yesterday as we waited for Immy, my sister to come home. I will be doing a post featuring our lovely tree and inside decorations very soon!

What do you get up to on Sunday mornings? 



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