How to Buy a Birthday Gift

For today's post, I wanted to give you some birthday gift inspiration; by showing how right my wonderful family and friends got it on my 24th year of birth (yesterday). I am always stunned by how well said family and friends know me! I often get told I am easy to buy for: I'm not too sure why. Maybe it's something to do with this amalgamation of words: floralpasteldisneycountrybumpkinbuntingfluffyanimalsstationarybookscandlesharrypotterfood. Anyway, here are a few ideas for buying gifts (for girls).

A cosy jumper (Topshop Tie Sleeve Mohair Knit)
Matt bought me this gorgeous minty blue jumper and I just love it. I didn't realise when we bought it together that it has slits up the sides - just up to the bottom of your rib cage- but I think this is super cute, especially for when spring comes around. I got a petite size 8 as it looked quite long and it's a perfect fit. It's unbelievably soft too!

A childhood game (Harry Potter & the Mystery at Hogwarts)
Harry Potter fans: brace yourselves. My little sister found me this board game that we used to play all the time during our childhood. Apparently this is extremely hard to get hold of as it is now a collector's item and isn't manufactured anymore. I was so shocked but delighted to open this! It's in amazing condition and just looking at the box is making the memories flood back. It's an electronic game with lights and sound effects, including - if I remember rightly - the voice of the sorting hat and the troll in the dungeon!

Disney memorabilia (Disney Film Cards from Paperchase Bluewater & Canterbury)
I can't believe Paperchase are selling these! They are too nice to use as cards, so my plan is to find little frames for them and put them up together on a wall. I received these ones but they also sell Jungle Book and Snow White versions. Thank you to Matt's Mum and sister who couldn't decide and bought four!

Books (Vintage Wedding FlowersDeliciously Ella With Friends, The Honeymoon Handbook, Eat Smart)
My Mum and Matt's Mum were accidentally in sync with each other and bought me the same book - a beautiful hardback all about vintage wedding flower arrangements. I highly recommend this to brides-to-be; the colours are gorgeous and there's ideas for weddings all year round. My auntie chose me the Deliciously Ella With Friends which I'm super excited about as I have her first book and had been eyeing this one up! So far a few pages I've folded over are p20 (crumbly blueberry squares) and p86 (sweet potato noodles). Mum also got me Niomi Smart's Eat Smart - I watch her foody videos all the time on YouTube so am looking forward to recreating some of her tasty, plant-based dishes! Finally, my sister found us the Honeymoon Handbook. This will seriously be useful as we haven't decided at all where we want to go! It doesn't help that we were planning to go in February half-term, quite an odd time of year weather-wise, and that I'm not keen on planes!!

A staple watch (Olivia Burton Watches)
I wasn't expecting this gift at all but Mum and Dad bought me this gorgeous Olivia Burton watch with a light mauve strap and rose gold face. I have worn my Kate Spade one every day since I got it on my 23rd birthday, so it will be lovely to have that one by day and my new Olivia one for occasions. You can't go wrong with an elegant and timeless watch.

Little treats (Winky Lux Flower Balm, Cath Kidston Ducks in a Row, Lindt Orange)
I personally love receiving little bits and bobs that you can keep in your handbag or on your dressing table. These flower balms are incredible; I've never seen anything like them before. They have tiny real chrysanthemums inside the lipstick itself. Plus, the balm applies clear but finds your natural skin pH levels, creating a unique shade of pink to match your lips. My Mum popped into Cath Kidston and found these adorable duck print pocket size tissues. She also bought me some napkins in the same print. She then found me a notebook with different kinds of dogs all over, and there's one that looks like Genny! My parents chose me a box of Lindt orange. I've never tried these but love chocolate oranges so I'll be working my way through these today while watching cringworthy day-time TV like Come Dine With Me! 

Other (Kate Spade Stapler, Too Faced Sweet Peach Collection, Bloom Bouquets)
I am a stationary addict, so when I opened this stapler from Matt's sisters, it's safe to say I went a little crazy! Matt was like "So I could have just bought you staples and you'd have been happy." Um, yes?! Matt's oldest sister very kindly bought me not one, not two but three pieces from the Too Faced Sweet Peach collection. I've yet to try the eye-shadow palette but it looks amazing. My favourite shades at the moment are Bellini, Georgia and Peaches 'n' Cream. Lastly, I received two of the Bloom artificial bouquets and they will look just perfect in glass jars around the house.

Weird present alert: I also received an electric toothbrush from Mum and Dad. We went for the Oral B 2000 Pro in pink! I can't wait to try that out today! Mum also spoilt me (and Matt) and chose us a pretty Laura Ashley duvet cover with birdies on. I'm putting it on the bed so I didn't get a picture but I'm sure one will go on Instagram!

I love absolutely every one of my gifts and am beyond grateful to my friends and family! I hope this post has given you some food for thought if you're looking to buy a gift for a lady in your life!



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