Quarter Life Crisis

I'm engaged now. Whaaaat.

I turn 24 in a week and a half. Maybe I'm having a quarter-life crisis, maybe I've been influenced by Bridget after watching Bridget Jones' Baby at the weekend, or maybe it's the nostalgia of coming across all my old posts, but I just miss blogging. So I thought: why not start to write again? And if just one or two people stumble across it; well, that would be lovely!

If you are interested and are hanging on after that probably cringe-worthy introduction, it's time to tell you that SO much has happened since I last logged onto Blogger. For starters, I actually live in my own house, and I'm now ENGAGED to Matt - who I've been with for ten years this October. Because we've been together so long, we weren't going to wait around forever - there was already a huge running joke prior to Christmas Eve when the proposal happened, that Matt was just never going to make it official! But it just so happens that family and friends were proved wrong (this was all light -hearted, promise!); the wedding is booked and we will be husband and wife on the 30th December 2017. I have yet to find out whether I'm crazy or just head over heels (in terms of giving myself a year to plan my perfect wedding, I mean!) Obviously I am more than happy with my suitor!

I feel that wedding talk will definitely come into the blog... this is an event I have been picturing for a long, long time. But now that it is no longer a fantasy, it is definitely scary, so I'll appreciate any advice I can get!

I'm going to make this short, and I guess you'll stick around if you want to hear more.

This is 6th February 2017. My life consists of a manic but rewarding job teaching English by day, a dream cottage in the countryside, my perfect fiance and two adorable but extremely naughty kittens named Hemingway and Fitzgerald. Gen (aka scruffy labradoodle) is still happy and healthy, if you were wondering! I'm sure she and the kitties will check in soon.

Thank you for reading this if you are, and welcome back to Vintage Beauty!



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