The February 14th Edit

From top left across: ASOS Suede Backpack with Ring Pull £38, NYX Butter Gloss £4.00, French Love Poems @ Anthropologie £9.99, Bella Freud Candle @ Liberty London £40, Vogue Weddings @ TK Maxx £7.99, You're an Eleven Valentines Card @ Urban Outfitters £4, Pink Rose Mug @ Urban Outfitters £6.30, ASOS Kiss Me Pyjamas £24, Eternity Rose Bundle @ The Artificial Flower Shop £11.16

As Valentines approaches, the shops become filled with prettiness. At this time of the year, if pink or red don't make up at least 88.8% of your colour palette, then the fashion police just might turn up at your door. I wouldn't know if there's any truth in that, seeing as I become obsessed with said colour palette as soon as February the 14th looms. I love pink. I really like red. And who ever said they can't go together? This Urban Outfitters mug proves they're a perfect match. I adore this mug; they've undoubtedly taken inspiration from the upcoming release of Beauty & the Beast. UOs have also jumped on the Stranger Things hype, with this super cool card for fans of Eleven. I do like the character, but having seen Millie Bobbi Brown in the media, she comes across as a blossoming diva; in a bad way. It kind of put me off. I would gratefully accept this card though! That peter pan collar would look good on the shelf.

I found this book of french love poems on Anthropologie and really couldn't see a reason not to put it in this edit! It's a beautiful blue colour, I love France as a country and also the poems inside look authentically French and quite quirky. I like! I can see myself snuggling up to read some póesie, by the fireside, with a candle burning. The Bella Freud candles look incredible but at £40 will remain on my wishlist as really, who can justify that on a cylinder of wax, gorgeous as it is?! I'd be wearing this fab ASOS leggings and tee combination to chill out in. The top says 'Kiss Me' on the back.

The ASOS backpack has been saved in my basket for weeks now; it just looks like it would massage your back as you walked, it looks so soft. I don't know how practical the suede - which tends to water stain easily - would be with unpredictable British weather though. If this goes on sale, I will be grabbing it! Onto makeup... I have only tried one NYX product but they are a seriously popular and affordable cosmetic brand, and I love this range of colours named after desserts! Some of my favourites are Creme Brulee, Madeleine and Sugar Cookie. I bought my sister Maple Blondie for Christmas as she is a true blondie.

I felt I wanted to include a nod to any other newly engaged girls out there. I spotted this Vogue coffee table book on the TK Maxx website. I cannot resist an aesthetically pleasing coffee table book and I'd love to delve into this one for some bridal inspiration! It showcases the dresses of royalty, social figures, models and artists who have appeared in Vogue throughout its magazine history. Last but not least: flowers. Personally, I will be having real flowers at our wedding, weather emergency permitting (fingers crossed!) but if you wanted to go down the artificial route or even just mix it up, The Artificial Flower Company is the best site I've found. I bought a bunch of their pink tulips when we moved in and they look lovely in a vase by our bed.

This year, I think Matt and I might wrap up and take a little country walk, head to a local farm shop for breakfast (hungry farmer style for him, pancakes for me) and then return to the cottage to chill out with the log fire and the kittens. We often get the M&S dine in for two, so that could also be on the cards!

What are your plans for Valentines?



  1. We're doing a cozy dinner followed by a Palm Springs weekend getaway!


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