Puppy Pick 'n' Mix!!!

My friend Rea and I are complete suckers for Pets at Home. We get a little obsessed with the cutie rabbits and miniature fluffy animals, all the pet toys and treats, the excited dogs in there with their owners- everything really! Rea has an adorable hammy named Florrie so she always wants to find bits for her, and obviously I look for things for Genevieve! We popped in today and I was aiming to get Gen some Chocolate Drops to try. They're not real chocolate, but a dog friendly substitute, so I just thought they were a sweet treat idea! However I couldn't find any individual packets: only ones in the help-yourself stand of treats. I hadn't really taken note of these stands before, but when I did have a good look, I realised they are such a good idea! The total equivalent of pick and mix sweets but for doggies!!!
There was so much choice, but I stuck mainly to the chocolate theme- going for teeny chocolate drops that look exactly like chocolate buttons, chocolate covered bones, chocolate biscuit bones and choccy biscuit rolls. I then added a gravy bone as Gen's loved those since she was weeny, and some salmon burgers as they looked tasty (to dogs clearly, not me!!) The best part of my puppy pick 'n' mix experience was that when I got to the till my bag was weighed and it came to... wait for it.... 30p!? I was expecting it to come to a lot more, considering all the treats looked great quality and the bones were chunky and heavy! I think this is such a lovely treat bag to bring home for your dog and obviously so affordable. I got to sign up too for a Pets at Home VIP card, and on the application form I was asked to fill in Gen's details such as her birthday. Apparently they will send her letters and birthday cards!!! Lucky Genevieve. I also got to stroke a lovely fellow doodle like Gen, who was a gorgeous auburn; a coat colour I haven't seen before! He kept licking my hands as they obviously had treat residue on them!
The pick 'n' mix has been a huge success, which was inevitable! I am definitely Gen's favourite person tonight. She's had a few chocolate drops and a choccy bone, but only for tricks, such as 'sit', 'down', 'touch' - which is when she touches whichever hand we raise- and 'leave it' which is when she waits for food. We've done these little actions with her since we first got her! I want to say that she does receive a fair amount of treats but only when she is a good girl like this. She also does so much exercise and is a perfect healthy weight so she totally deserves them in moderation, like we deserve goodies on down days!!! 


  1. Aww I want to do the touch trick with her!! So cute! Glad she liked her goodies! Spoilt bubbas xxxx


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