Seaside Chips & Charity Shops!

The vibrant charm of Sea Bells...
I was obviously wrong in saying that I wouldn't have time to write this week, as here's another short diary post for you! This afternoon I met up with one of my closest friends, Rea, in the seaside town she lives in. Although it was drizzling, we had already decided we'd venture down the high street, browse the charity shops and try a lovely looking tearoom she hadn't been to before. Unfortunately the tearoom was closed but we ended up eating in a cute little fish and chip cafe named Sea Bells! Rea kindly treated me to my sausage and chips, which was yummy! I love getting traditional chip shop dinners; it's one of the things I really appreciate about living in Kent and by the coast. 

The charity shops we went into were the best I've ever been in! Unfortunately a huge one that we wanted to look in was closed but we still found some beautiful bargains. I found this really cool, tweedy, checked scarf, which is fairly thin but it will go so well with my camel coat and over chunky knits. I also dug out these shearling lined gloves, which sort of match! They came from an amazing bucket of woolly and silk scarves, hats and other accessories, all of which were £1. I wish I'd picked up this cute, forest-green beanie I saw now, that had a retro 'adventure camp' logo on it. But there's always next time! To be honest, I saw a few more bits I could have bought- a few gorgeous teacup and saucer sets, a tartan vanity case (that smelt a bit musty though!!) and a wonderful edition of Oliver Twist. I didn't end up getting it as it had pencil marks all over the lovely leather cover, but now I'm thinking it could have rubbed off. Anyway, I reined my spends in, with my purchases coming to a grand total of.....£2.50. The 50p came from this book by Sarah Winman, called When God was a Rabbit. I've heard a lot about this novel and I can't wait to add it to my reading pile!
Rea bought some £1 wellies for beach walks and a near-perfect condition, interactive toy with farm animals on for her little man, who she is expecting in April!! I am ridiculously excited to meet him! She has her own blog that she's aptly called Mummy In Grandad Jumpers (she does have the best Grandad jumpers I've ever seen). It's such an adorable account of how she's getting on in her pregnancy.

What's your best charity shop buy? Hope you're all well! xox


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