Sunday Stories: Pt 2

After a really busy week, I'd been looking forward to a relaxing two days off. And relaxing it has been, though I still seem to have crammed a fair bit in! On Friday I went to Matt's where we literally just sat in front of the telly all night with a snuggle blanket. Bliss! Yesterday, I attempted to get a bit of work done but ended up spending most of my time photographing and listing a few new pieces for Patricia Mary Vintage. Yay! This adorable weeny elephant is up on there, though there's already been interest, so he's one to snap up! I love elephants so much; they seem like one of the most tranquil animals, when they are not in danger obviously. I don't understand why anyone in their right mind could hunt them; it's awful. On a lighter note, yes, happy vintage browsing- there's a good pop of colour in the shop now to brighten up these bleary days!
Mum and Dad have taken yet another house project upon themselves- we are forever editing our interior decor if you didn't know- not that we're not happy with it; we all love our little house but I think Mum especially likes to push to see what more she can do with a small space. Dad has in just one week cladded and painted the whole dining room, which looks really nice. It had nice, cream walls before but this has just smartened it up and weirdly made the room look larger. Mum's next job- and I might help out if she'll let me- is to paint the back of the dining room dresser with this Annie Sloan paint in Scandinavian Pink. This is the nicest brand of paint, along with Farrow and Ball; I absolutely love both their colour palettes. Annie Sloan's can be modern and vibrant but they have a lot of very vintage, French inspired shades like soft greys and duck-egg blue.
I have my own DIY project going on- I have been desperate to create a cat bed for Tobes and George out of an old suitcase. I haven't managed to find one, so I had the genius idea of saving a drawer from my knackered, cream chest of drawers we were chucking out. I wanted to ideally put sponge in the bottom and then line it with fabric, but I think now, as I'm stretched for time with work, I'm going to search for some vintage patchwork blankets and cushions and pad the drawer out with those.
Something I have been loving this week is this Cath Kidston Flora Geranium Lipbalm. The formula is mildly sticky but it moisturises my lips so well in this harsh cold, plus it has become one of my favourite new scents. It smells strongly of flower gardens and peaches and the scent lingers for ages which is lovely.
The rest of the weekend has been taken up with receiving my new Liberty edition Nike hi-tops (second hand but in great condition) and going for a run in them with Mum.  I have also done a considerable amount of baking, which I wanted to do as I find it de-stresses me (apart from when I can't work out the conversion of oz to kilos on the scales!!) On Saturday I made one of Mum's classic recipes: a Debden Chocolate pudding, which is essentially a sponge cake or kind of fondant if it goes really well (!) with runny toffee sauce. The method though is a bit strange and definitely clever.... I hope to post a recipe another time, but I need to make the aesthetic better for future photographing!
Today I have experimented with making butternut squash pizzas for lunch and I also baked a lemon and poppy-seed cake in the amazing loaf mould I received for work's Secret Santa this year! Look out for recipe posts on those....
A short story on the lemon and poppy cake.... I basically found a whole jar of poppy seeds on our kitchen spice rack and asked Mum if I could use them. She said yes but they were a bit out of date but they'd be fine. When I checked, they were from 1998 so SEVENTEEN years out of date!! I assure you that we don't ever use the old spices on the rack; they're more for decoration. I decided to give using those an absolute miss!

I hope you've all had lovely weekends! xox 


  1. Hahaha seventeen years?! Brilliant! I want some lemon cake please - my absolute favourite!! Xxx


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