Sunday Stories: Pt 3 (Betty Crocker & A Seaside Getaway!)

This weekend's been a funny one. One of my lovely school children gave me a cold on Wednesday so I've mainly been recovering! I woke up on Saturday and just felt lost. Matt had to go home to do coursework and I had no idea what to do with myself! I ended up driving to a local Tesco superstore- to be honest driving actually de-stresses me, as does spending time alone sometimes! I'm on the hunt for a new laptop so that's the main reason I decided to go, yet I still managed to fill myself a basket of bits! I just kept spotting bargains on my quiet little browse. I needed some new conditioner anyway so when I saw that Alberto Balsam had brought out a new scent, I was always going to grab one. This smells amazing even just sniffing the lid and Alberto products never fail to moisturise my hair. What else did I buy.... it was funny because I'd said on Friday night that I really fancied some of the Kellogg's Variety mini boxes of cereals. As I walked round the store I spotted them reduced to a pound! If you don't know what I'm talking about, they're the kiddy boxes of coco pops, frosties and the like. I was definitely feeling sorry for myself yesterday and I think my purchases reflected that!!

My first thought yesterday morning was to bake some chocolate chip cookies but when I reached the Betty Crocker aisle I was like....pre-made cookies, just add water, oh yes. So much easier and they were, naturally, delicious. Thanks Betty! I grabbed some strawberries too to add to some pancakes I'm making today- recipe up soon!- and a bumper pack of gossip magazines ie. Ok!, New and Star. When I'm feeling down these are always a pick-me-up. It's a great distraction to read about a celeb's crazy lifestyle. Lastly, I was feeling in need of revitalising so I was pleased to see that both the Pukka Detox herbal tea and Innocent Antioxidant Super Smoothie were half price! I've tricked myself into thinking that if I drink lots of these then the Betty Crocker cookies didn't happen... Sorry that this is basically a run down of my shopping list. Though I personally love reading intrusive things like this. Did anyone ever read that weekly feature in Closer Magazine on what's in people's fridges? I have to admit I enjoyed that! 

I've spent a lot of time with Gen-Gen who seems to be getting very whiny when my parents go out! We have a long stool under our living room window and she is obsessed with standing her front paws on it and looking out onto the road. She does it all the time though, like she thinks someone's coming to visit! She just adores everyone and is the friendliest pup ever. I'm actually really sad that when she reaches two in June we won't be able to call her puppy anymore, as that's formally when pups becomes grown up dogs! 

Something I'm excited about this weekend is that Matt and I booked a night away in this gorgeous boutique B&B. It's called Swan House and is in the seaside town of Hastings- about an hour and a half from us by car. I think it's going to be lovely because we both love nearby Rye and we've heard Hastings is very similar in terms of quaint and quirky antique shops and pubs. We're so looking forward to a relaxing getaway and it will be during my half-term off school and birthday week! 

How did you spend the weekend? xox


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