Sunday Stories From by the Sea

I've had two days by the seaside this weekend and it's been so nice to breathe in that sea air, despite the wind and rain on Saturday as Matt and I trekked to Margate. Margate actually featured in Vogue a few years back for its eclectic mix of vintage shops and funky bars. It is run-down in places, but along the beach front is a strip of hidden gems. We wanted to visit a favourite cafe of ours called The Cupcake Cafe - it's particularly good as it does gluten free bread and cake for Matt - but when we got there it was absolutely packed. Instead, we wandered along the front and found a quirky looking cafe we hadn't seen before called The Harbour. We had these lovely window seats (with high, wrought iron stools) overlooking the promenade and this pretty jar of orange and pink roses. To eat, I chose a homemade beef burger with fries and salad, and Matt went for the classic ham, egg and chips. Both went down extremely well and we left for our next venture into the Turner Centre feeling full.

The Turner Contemporary is one of the UK's leading galleries, founded in 2011 to commemorate and build on the artist JMW Turner’s association with the seaside holiday town. I've wanted to go there for a while but we especially fancied it this weekend as Matt knew there was an exhibition entitled 'Self' on. The large and open upstairs gallery featured a kooky collection of self-portraiture, mixing legendary and modern representations of identity. We both found certain pieces that we were really drawn to; Matt even noted down the construction note of one piece as inspiration for his uni work. Downstairs was an intriguing little exhibit called "Blank Canvas: The Lion". Blank Canvas is actually a group that meet at the gallery and they put this collage of ideas together themselves. The point of this exhibit is to collate information about this mysterious character, Mr Lion. We were given hints to piece together the persona of Mr Lion, such as the possessions in his suitcase and his companions, as well as written wall clues like the one above. I think it's good to do something cultural once in a while, especially when we're lucky enough to have it on our doorstep. Otherwise the closest bit of artwork is really London! The view from the Turner onto the rock pools was gorgeous too.

A highlight of our Margate trip was that we discovered this amazing shop named Doggie Apparel. They sell adorable handmade collars and leads in plaid pastels, special dog treats in cute little jars, dog beds, dog canvases....everything you could want if you're a canine person. You can also bring your pup into the shop with you, though it was pretty narrow and I'm not sure Gen would fit! We saw three smaller doggies in there: a dachshund, chihuahua and a terrier, all being treated to new clothes or accessories!

Sunday followed on nicely with another seaside stroll, this time with my parents and of course, Gen. It was windy but beautiful as we walked from Walmer to Kingsdown, then stopped at the Zetland pub to quench our thirsts! We had a minor issue with Gen.... she's gained this habit of chasing bikes; she gets so excited but it happens completely out the blue, it's not every single bike. We lost her to two but she did come back, then on our return walk to the car she chased this man on his bike for literally about half a mile. It really is quite dangerous but Mum and I just couldn't shout for her to come back as we were giggling so much! She was zigzagging behind this bike and barking, tail wagging wildly. It was funny at the time as she was so animated, though it's not something we want her to be doing. We don't want her or anyone else to get hurt. She may be the cutest dog in the world but she is very disobedient and she got very told off!

This afternoon Mum and I have attempted to make mini meringues, using my Meringue Girls cookbook (our first go!). I personally think they tasted delicious (we picked almond and strawberry essence) but they did not come out quite as planned! We've decided it went downhill when we tried to make them rainbow coloured...the food colouring made them a bit soggy! We had fun making them though, despite the result! Mum ended up with mixture on her nose as usual! I know where I get my muckiness from...

Please let me know what you've been up to this weekend!

Love, Izzy


  1. love your photos. that food look so yummy too :)

  2. I love making meringues! I do chocolate chip ones. They are fun do make no matter how they turn out.


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