Sunday Stories: Mother's Day Love & Loss

Today was always going to be a strange and sad day - the first Mother's Day without my amazing nanny. The day still had to be special for Mum - I bought her this gorgeous hare cushion that she picked out. There's now a running joke in our house that whoever sits on this cushion has a hare-y bottom.... only in our family! This morning, Dad made Mum and I toasted soldiers and dippy eggs, which we ate in bed with Gen. Puppy even bought Mum a little present: a cute pocket mirror with a dog like her and the caption 'Happy Days!' on the front.

At lunchtime we went to visit my Dad's mum who's in a home now and then we picked up my Auntie and headed to one of our favourite seaside pubs to eat. I literally had the most delicious meal I think I've ever had -sea bass with dill and caper butter on a bed of crushed potatoes, and lots of fresh, crispy salad. Mum and I then shared a calorific chocolate fudge cake to finish off! Naughty! 

We visited the cemetery for the first time this afternoon to leave Nanny a beautiful plant and a card from us all. It's been seven months now and I'd been putting this off. For anyone else dealing with loss and feeling too anxious to visit loved ones in their memory, it wasn't scary at all and actually made me feel so much better. The grounds were so tranquil and well-kept and there were plenty of other people there spending time with loved ones; watering flowers and leaving balloons. It made me think how there's so much confrontation in this world but we are ultimately all laid to rest together in peace. I like thinking that Nanny has everyone else in that church ground, including her Mum and probably people she once knew. 

Happy Mother's Day to every mother and mother-to-be, whether they are here or in loving hearts. 

Love, Izzy

Sleep tight Nanny x


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