Top Ten Pins for Foodies

Earth Day Cookies, strawberry and elderflower cake, melon & blackberry & mint salad, salted caramel milkshake.

Pinterest is the ultimate place for foodie inspiration: though I struggle to trace the actual recipes most of the time, glorious photos such as these get my cooking clock ticking. These Earth Day cookies are the most genius use of food colouring I've seen yet. This dainty cake is just the sort of thing I would want for my wedding; understated, country, cute. This fruity salad looks the absolute perfect combination for the transition into summer, and this milkshake...well, you can't beat salted caramel.

Natural coloured rainbow cake, roasted broccoli with toasted almonds, lemon & pecorino cheese.

This cake is amazing; I think these are real, pressed flowers as obviously it says natural colouring. They make what looks like a simple recipe so sweet and pretty. I adore broccoli - it's probably my favourite veggie - and I have an unhealthy obsession with cheese, so this concoction is right up my street. It looks divine, and healthy, and it's a bit of a different light lunch option!

Chocolate easter egg cake, homemade rosewater marshmallow, pistachio and seasalt brownies, penne with butternut squash, sage and pine nuts.

For easter baking inspiration, look no further! This sponge is fail-safe but characterful. I would have no idea where to start with making marshmallow, but there's plenty of tips on the web and I have fancied using rosewater in my baking for a while now. These little pink cubes would be adorable for a tea party table. Brownies are undoubtedly a classic, but the nuts and salt give them a little twist here. One of my favourite combinations ever is chocolate with seasalt. Finally, I had to squeeze in another pasta dish because italiano is the besto. Pine nuts = heaven.

I'd love to hear what foods you're crushing on, tried and tested or not!
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  1. I love how romantic those rose marshmallows are!

  2. Ah all this food looks amazing! Although I don't think flowers would taste very nice on a cake I love love the decoration of it! I think I would also like that at my wedding :D thanks for following me on Twitter, I really like your blog!


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