Sunday Stories: Shortbread Buttons & Introducing Florence!

Here we are on the second Sunday of spring... and the sun came out to play! I love winter and was so disappointed that we didn't get proper snow. But I do feel happy when I'm woken by the sun lighting up my room from corner to corner. It was the perfect weather today for a brisk walk with Gen around the country lanes. All the flowers seem to be perking up too and I'm looking forward to when our garden is all fancy again. A huge highlight of the nicer weather is that we can start making the most of Florence, our caravan! This is a sneak peek of her; Mum's only just spring-cleaned her but we're hoping to add some more bits and bobs to her living area and we're planning to repaint her exterior a lovely, soft pink! She's been duck egg blue since we got her a few years ago. I found these little Observer books in Florence on the top shelves; I think they're so adorable and in amazing condition for their age. They were brought out from 1937 and reprinted up to the early 2000s but these are Mums' or Dads' so I'm guessing they have a few decades of history behind them!

Two highlights of my weekend were that Matt and I discovered this tiny farmshop in the village, where we bought two huge cooking apples to make a delicious Saturday night crumble. I'd heard about the shop but not been before so I'm excited to pop along regularly and buy fresh fruit and veggies for my juicer. Then, this afternoon I made these pretty shortbread buttons and bunnies (with a bit of help from Mum!) They are truly scrummy and I think they look so sweet. I was so pleased with the bunny cutter, picking it up at The Cupcake Cafe Shop in Margate for 50p last weekend. I got the idea for the button shapes from a recipe book this morning. It's super simple, you just use something circular (we used a bottle top) to make the smaller circle imprint, then you use a cocktail stick to create the holes. You do this to the pre-baked dough and voila!

I'm feeling really preoccupied this weekend as Matt and I have been busy planning a European trip for July/August. We're hoping to get interrail passes and go between Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Koln and Luxembourg in ten days. We're in the process of finding all our accommodation and the excitement is just building so much in me that I can't get on with what I should be doing (revising for a Maths test)!

I hope you've all had fantastic weekends in the sunshine!

Love, Izzy


  1. That pot of tea and book looks like a dream!

  2. short bread cookies so yummy!!!


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