The Cutest Cards Ever: Two Bad Mice

These are my favourite set of cards in the world and I wanted to share them with you. Made by a company named Two Bad Mice, these beautiful quality gift cards originate in Lampeter, Wales, and currently 20-30 artists sketch the designs. These nine are all by my preferred artist, Anita Jeram. She is actually the illustrator of the much-adored, "Guess How Much I Love You" books. I can't put into words how cute these cards are! Matt's Mum actually bought me the top middle one as it reminded her of me and Gen! There's a teeny independent shop in my local town of Sandwich that has a big stand of these cards and everytime I go in I want to buy another. I could look at them all day and coo over the adorable little animals and their touching messages. It's a funny thing for these carefully adorned pieces of paper to cheer you up so much, but I genuinely feel these cards bring a little light and love into the world. I buy them over and over as tokens of appreciation. I also think they would look gorgeous framed on a sort of feature wall. That's now my aim- to collect up my very favourites to decorate mine and Matt's future (dream) cottage.  //


  1. Those are such adorable cards!!!!

  2. The ready to go card is so true!! hahaha.My dog is always ready for his walks on the park


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