Bath Time For Genevieve

Autumn Sundays for us are a day for roasts, curling up in front of the telly and muddy dog walks. Today, Genny was in for a special treat, as we decided she really needed a bath (having escaped having one for a good few months!) 

Genny loves getting as dirty and disgusting as possible in rivers, ponds and the sea. Clearly baths are a slightly different story as they're all clean and fresh and fruity smelling! It was a struggle to get Gen into the bathroom, but once she was in she stood patiently while all the pond dirt was scrubbed away!! Just look at the colour of that water. Then for the fun bit (for Gen!) - she goes absolutely crazy when she gets out. She seems to think that by sprinting all over the house, shaking her coat ridiculously fast (cue a shower you didn't need) and rubbing herself against everything and anything, that she'll miraculously become dry! Bathing seems to make her even more hyper than normal! Finally she settled down in front of the fire with her teddies and some gravy bones to dry off properly. 
                I'd love to see your doggies. Please leave links to any pet-friendly blogs!

Preparation for a soon-to-be very wet puppy!
Real puppy dog eyes!
Drying off with bear, tiger, donkey and hedgehog!
Roast dinner: roasties, chicken, mangetout, carrots, mashed swede,
 stuffing, butternut squash, parsnip and yorkshire pud!

What do you get up to on Sundays?


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