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Although I'm a bit obsessive over moisturising my face, I've never been one for hand-cream. I mean, my hands don't seem to actually get very dry, even in the harshest of weather. However my outlook on hand food (in the words of Soap & Glory) changed when I unsealed one of Cath Kidston's Blossom Trio hand creams. I guess I should and will now take the view that like your face, your hands will start to show signs of aging, and so to carry a hand-cream, particularly as winter approaches, is now as important as carrying your touch-up powder, lippy or iPhone.
For £6, (one of CK's lowest prices in the whole shop!) the Blossom Trio gives you three 30ml tubes of dry-skin-zapping cream, in baby pink, baby blue and white, all embossed with CK's trademark ditsy floral print. All three creams smell more or less the same; light, fresh and sort of talcum powder-y, with a hint of gentle floral buds. My late nan (she was trendy!) used this hand-cream herself so it has happy connotations for me.
The cream is paraben and sulphate free (always a good sign) and enriched with Shea butter and Vitamin E. It's also free from animal testing, like all of Cath Kidston's products. You'd think this should be a given nowadays, but it's really not, so all hail Cath Kidston for being mega cute and one for animal protection and equality. The formulation of the cream is that it absorbs quickly even when you slather it on, and you do almost feel it doing its magic work. A final plus is that it is non-greasy and you can put it on in a hurry and get on with things without worrying about leaving slippery marks everywhere. This cream would be an ideal Secret Santa gift or stocking filler for a relative, friend, or girlfriend (it's a long shot but take note boys if there's any out there that have stumbled upon this post!) The packaging has changed from when I got my hand creams - it's gone funky and striped now-  but you can still buy them here on the CK website...

Although I've mastered the art of pampering my hands, I realised the other day I hadn't painted my nails for a longgg time; I think mainly due to busyness, and the fact that one of my pet hates is chipped nails. But I really fancied an image update, and as silly as it might sound, I felt a new autumnal nail varnish colour would make me feel better about my whole look.

Does anyone else ever feel like that?

So obviously I rushed out to my local shopping centre where I browsed H&M (they have really unique coloured nail polish sometimes, but a no go this time) then headed into Superdrug. After oohing and aahing at the Barry M counter, I finally opted for Vintage Violet. It was between this and Berry Cosmo, a deep raspberry colour, but I thought Vintage Violet had a slightly more elegant look to it, plus naturally, I loved the name!
This shade comes out darker than it looks in the bottle, but it is thick enough with the first coat and like with every Barry M polish, it is of high quality for a high-street product. It glides on easily with rare staining around the cuticles. After wearing it for three days, it chipped on the tips, but to be honest I have been doing a lot of things that might have worn it down more than usual; I guess I've been slightly careless with trying to preserve it. I also didn't put on a top coat (a huge sin I know) so three days no top coat and hard labour (by that I mean playing with my dog, typing, working, crafting etc. plus a few baths) is pretty decent.

Berry hues are of course a massive colour trend for fall, but Vintage Violet is especially wearable I think, as it's not too bright. It has a brown rather than red tone which makes it quite neutral though it is ultimately a purple. I find it looks especially lovely against baby blue and cream which I wore to work today, or khaki and grey. Likewise, it works a treat with the simplest or dressed down of outfits, giving leggings or skinnies and an old, lounging jumper an effortless air of sophistication.

What do you think of Vintage Violet? Let me know your top autumn nail polish shades.



  1. OMG, the jumper is perfect!

    Alice x


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