Christmas Spirit

There is nothing better than getting into cosy pyjamas, all fitting onto the one sofa and watching a feel-good festive adventure with the family. Here are five of the best (and then the very best) Christmas films... in the order they could be watched in the run-up to Christmas!

5. Love Actually. I think Love Actually can be watched sooner than December, and I actually watched it the other day with my best friend (though I need to put it on again as we have a tendency to just chat and before you know it, the film's over!) I love Richard Curtis as a director; Notting Hill, Four Weddings & a Funeral and About Time are three other amazing ones of his. Love Actually though is just the best mixture of heartbreak and hilariousness; it's down-to-earth, relatable and inspiring, not to mention it has SNAPE and Hugh Grant in it. I'm not that keen on Keira Knightley and I find Andrew Lincoln's character (Mark, Keira's stalker!) so odd now as a Walking Dead fan. But my favourite characters and story lines are Colin Firth and his lover Aurelia, Hugh Grant and Martine McClutcheon (I don't know how you could not love their relationship!) and little Sam and the singing schoolgirl Joanna. The scene where Sam runs through the airport to say goodbye to her is just amazing in every way!

4. The Santa Clause. I love this film as it's one I remember watching when I was a lot younger with my sister. You know when you have those family friend Christmas get-togethers; well I always remember watching this, with a bowl of sweets and the fire. I really like Tim Allen and couldn't picture anyone else in the role as Santa. If I had to pick a hole, I don't like the step-dad, but then you're not meant to!!

3. Christmas with the Kranks. I literally adore this film and I don't really know why, because some would say it's a bit naff! It's not what you'd call a classic, but that's why I like it! I guess I find it a bit different and it's still so funny even though I've watched it like 100 times. I also like it because I remember watching it with Matt for the first time when we'd only been going out a little while and I just felt really happy! My favourite bit (sorry for the spoiler!) is definitely when Nora goes to get the hickory honey ham and after all she goes to to get the last one, it rolls under the lorry and gets squished! I like the neighbourhood too and how they all join together to make Christmas great- it's got a nice message.

2. How The Grinch Stole Christmas. I never really watched this as a kid- this was a film that grew on me! Jim Carrey is so good I always forget it's actually him, I almost think of the Grinch as an actor himself! His voices are hilarious and WhoVille is such a cute town- they should make a replica. I love the tiny cars! The Grinch as a boy is so sweet too; I find it tragic when he cuts himself shaving and gets laughed at! Matt's Mum recently bought me an early Christmas present- a Grinch tee from Abercrombie and Fitch and I absolutely love it!

1. Elf. Christmas basically wouldn't happen without this film. We watch it at least a few times in the run-up! "You smell like beef and cheese, you don't smell like Santa. I just like to smile, smiling's my favourite. Buddy the elf, what's your favourite colour?" Enough said.

The very top (watch on Christmas Day):

Home Alone 1 and 2. Again, I didn't watch these when I was a kid, but Matt's family got me into them! They're just the ultimate Christmas holiday films, as they're so retro and they have a really cool, old-school Christmas soundtrack. YouTube 'All Alone on Christmas' now!! Macaulay Culkin is an idol. The original Home Alone is the best, but the sequel isn't too far behind. These and Elf make me want to go to New York even though I've said it never appealed to me. Home Alone 3 is terrible though!

I also put my Christmas list up the chimney this week!! Despite writing it ages ago, I waited to put it on the fire as Matt kept moaning it was too early! Although I've definitely converted him in my Christmas excitement this year. Usually he won't dream of watching a Christmas film until December hits, and he is likely to leave finding my Christmas presents until two weeks before, but we've watched Gremlins which counts, and he's already got me five gifts, so he says!

The whole putting the Christmas list up the chimney is a tradition my family have done since my sister and I were teeny tiny. We would always flick through the Argos toy catalogue and circle what we wanted, then we'd make our lists. My sister used to put the funniest things, that used to frustrate my parents so much, as they were clearly impossible- things like: "to fly" or "super powers". With the flying wish though, my parents actually attached a propeller thing to my little sister's cycle helmet and gave her some pretend (obviously) wings. I remember her wearing them and jumping off their big bed all excited and then just falling! It sounds sort of cruel now but it was cute that she even got to try! Mum said the sweetest and easiest thing I ever put on my list was a woolly hat with a pom pom!

Anyway, back to 2014... on my Christmas list this year are:

-Black converse, something I've been missing for a long time!
-Two books: "How To Be Parisian" by Caroline De-Maigret and "Us" by David Nicholls.
-A new fluffy dressing gown and woodland-y slippers
-An ASOS ribbed polo neck in khaki.
-A beautiful pair of burgundy heeled leather boots that I've spotted in H&M!
-A vintage suitcase that I can make into a cat bed! I've seen these loads and I'm always looking for a cheapy one that I can do up, paint and line with a Liberty-esque fabric. I think it would look adorable in my room at the foot of my bed and Georgie cat and Toby cat would love it.

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To be honest, the best Christmas present I could have, and I'm sure many others feel similarly around this time of year, is my nanny back after she passed away in the summer. Some days I feel guilty for even thinking about enjoying Christmas without her this year, and that presents are so trivial. They are, but at the same time, gifts are part of many people's Christmases and as long as you realise that material things aren't the be all and end all, then it's fine and nice to want to treat loved ones once a year.
I'm so pleased as well with the gifts I've managed to find so far for friends and family! Except I'm struggling to organise and separate my 'to buy' and 'bought' lists!

What have you asked for this Christmas?


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