My October in Ten Snaps// Instagram Album

I thought I'd give you a snippet of my life over the last month from Instagram, as I'm not ashamed to say I get more obsessed with it by the day...

1. You can't beat a boiled egg with super buttery soldiers as a home comfort. Such a good way to start the day, especially now I'm back at work! Thanks Mum!

2. My dad's been very poorly for the last month or so, and this was a post just to share my love for him. This is obviously me as an ickle baby, and don't you think dad looks like a young Patrick Swayze?!

3. My fluffy babies on the stairs. I love walking round the house and just finding them in cute positions. It cheers me up straight away! If you want to see more of these cuties, head to my Instagram!

4. This was an absolutely beautiful day for October- my friend Jo and I met up in Canterbury where we took a river tour of underneath the city. It was one of those days where the weather is quite crisp and cold but the sun on your face is just perfect.

5. This is the beige coat/leopard scarf combo I have raved about before! This was the first Starbucks I'd had in like two months, and it was so overdue.

6. There are no words. This book speaks for itself!! Okay there are some words...Enid Blyton is queen of children's literature My ultimate favourite book when my sister and I were growing up. Full of magic, elves, pixies, weird but wonderful lands, amazing and crazy food and tonnes of adventure. And pretty illustrations in this 1943 edition!

 7. Basically I walked into H&M, saw these slip on shoes, and bought them in an instant. I adore everything about them. They're just so simple but a bit different with the Dalmatian spot. I love Dalmatians, not that I'm trying to imitate Cruella De Vil here. They're just too cute and possibly one of my better bargains ever at just £9.99?!!

8. These are the gifts Matt bought me for our seventh anniversary (yes that is actually years!) I was a very spoilt girl and received the incredible (huge version(!) which I've never owned before) Yankee 'Snow In Love' candle, a really cool and girly Scrabble mug- we tend to play that a lot- and these gorgeous white roses. The cards are from Matt and his family too :)

9. My canine best friend and I on a countryside walk. She is the cutest thing in the whole world and that's not even me being biased. She's like a furry sibling who chills on the sofa next to you binge-snacking and watching TOWIE. Seriously she loves TV. And food. I would say her favourite movie is Homeward Bound, and her favourite food is cake, seeing as she ate a whole one at the weekend in one sitting. This was an accident- she's very good at pawing things off the sides when we go out!

10. No 1 cheesecake I've found in the world so far. It was Bounty and I'm not even that keen on Bounties as chocolate but I thought it sounded intriguing. I was so right. Go to The Zetland in Kingsdown for one of these taste sensations!

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