DIY Fall Leaves Jar// Home Decoration

I don't know about you but the main thing that springs to mind when I think of fall is auburn leaves...

I want to share with you a little decoration I made for my bedroom last night. It was a bit of a spur of the moment thing but it turned out really pretty! My Mum and I had actually planned to make a leaf mason jar; except we bought PVA glue, hoping to stick the leaves we'd gathered on a puppy walk onto the inside walls of the jar. The idea was to be able to light a candle inside without causing a fire hazard and the leaves would be all lit up and colourful....
Now, the bad news. The glue just wouldn't attach the leaves to the glass (I've seen online that you need a special glue called 'Mod Podge' if you want to give it a go!) and we ended up with a sticky mess. But because the leaves were such beautiful colours I decided to change direction and instead I filled my jar with the best leaves I'd picked and also some cute, teeny pine cones on branches- they probably have a proper name but I can't think what they're called!

This is the simplest thing ever and it doesn't take too long either; about 10, 15 minutes. You loosely arrange the leaves so that you've got the coolest bits - for example the leaf veins and multi-toned ones pressed against the glass - and they can be as thickly piled as you want. I then added these table gems that I already had in my DIY drawer from The White Company as I thought they could give a nice shimmer and sparkle if they caught the light. The near-final step was to tie a pretty ribbon around the rim of the jar - you can get loads of designs from somewhere like The Range but I opted for this silky, powdery pink one. Finally, I set my jar on my dressing table and laid out several of these adorable star candles (I think they're Oliver Bonas) around the jar so they illuminated the leaves a bit. I might try putting one of those electric tea lights inside on the leaves themselves to really light up the glass, but I'm more than happy with the effect of the candles on the outside! I don't think these pictures even do it justice!

I absolutely love this as an autumnal decoration and think it has a really vintage feel. I love that it also embraces the lovely autumn nature around us as I'm such a country girl. I'm looking forward to getting into bed and having a piece of outside to look at while I burn some gorgeous scents.  I hope you will love it and have a go too!


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