If You're a Busy Bee....

It's that time of year where I start to take a lot more notice of diaries in the shops. I don't like to wish away 2014, but you can't help making a few plans for the next year to come. Plus my current diary is so messy and full, I just already feel the need for a new, clean space to scribble my life plans over. 

I've kept a diary ever since I was young- I got my first Jacqueline Wilson diary when I was in year 3... did anyone else get those?! They had all these little sections in, like: 'describe your friends, describe the boys you like (a bit extreme for Year 3 yes, thanks Mum!), and a whole long list of 'your favourites'. I used to document all sorts of cringe-worthy things, and then the best part would be finding them years later and reading them with your friends. Never throw your diaries out if there are younger readers reading this! I made the mistake of chucking a lot of hilarious journals in a moment of utter embarrassment. Now I regret it so much!

Nowadays, I don't write an actual diary in the sense of what I'm doing, how life's treating me and the like, but having one is a necessity in order to keep track of my job and things like family events, blogging ideas and significant dates!

So here's my pick of the cutest journals around at the moment. I've already put just the word 'diary' high on my Christmas list- I trust my Mum to choose a nice one, though these are all gorgeous!

For literary lovers:

Not on the High Street Classic Book Cover Diary by Klevercase £16.95

For someone who means a lot:

Not on the High Street One Line A Day Five Year Diary by BeGolden £16

For the floral fanatic:

Liberty London Flowers of Liberty Diary in Betsy £29.95

For night owls:

Sloane Stationary Constellation Diary £29

For the quirky girl:

Sloane Stationary Busy Bee Pocket Book £13

For the English country lover:

Emma Bridgewater Rose & Bee A5 Diary £12

For the artists:

The Tate Desk Diary 2015 £12.95

How precious is a diary to you?


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